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Rest into Sleep

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Cass Carlopio
Sleep Expert, Psychologist & Meditation
When we have difficulty falling asleep, we can create extra stress by trying to get to sleep. This meditation invites the listener to shift the focus from getting to sleep, to just simply resting. This takes off a layer of pressure and allows you to rest into sleep.
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I noticed I would start to feel more relaxed and almost forget I was listening to the meditation but helped calm me and center my focus on resting
I felt so calm and relaxed. This was the perfect way to wine down after a long day
What a lousy day!
I'd love to relax and sleep now, but things are weighing too heavily upon me still! My wife is already out next to me...wish I could join her. Tomorrow promises to be a bad follow-up to a bad day. Dagnabit!!!
Rest into Sleep
This meditation invites us to switch our focus from getting to sleep to just be and allow us to rest into sleep. This keeps the pressure off of us that we can feel making sleep that much more difficult to achieve. With every out breath, I began to sink further and further into my bed. I visualized my thoughts as clouds drifting by me, not allowing any one thought to fill my mind. My body is relaxed and my mind at ease. I am resting into welcoming sleep. Good Night! 😴
I can finally sleep
This helps me ease my mind enough so I can actually have a restful sleep. 10/10 ❤️💕🥰
cant sleep
it really helps me to sleep and rest I feel relaxed and it really helps me to fall asleep right away
Not trying to go to sleep
By shifting my focus on purely relaxing and just resting rather than attempting to get to sleep seemed to work. It was a lovely simple meditation and I just carried on resting when it finished. Looking at my Fitbit sleep info this morning, it appears I was asleep straight into deep sleep in 12 minutes last night after doing this! Thank you!! I shall be repeating this again and give the 7 min version a try too. 😴😀
I love this one 😊!
Cassandra's voice is very soothing to begin with. Then her point on shifting your focus from trying to sleep to simply resting... brilliant! I have been having trouble sleeping for quite some time now and this has been a barrier of mine, until now. I'm not going to try and force myself to sleep anymore. I'm going to simply focus on resting when I can and allow sleep to come more naturally 💤. Having trouble sleeping was one of the main reasons I downloaded this app. I also wanted to learn how to meditate better and regain a better perspective on things. I have definitely achieve that goal. I know I will start receiving better sleep soon as well. My God is good and faithful, and He's using Aura as a tool to help me in certain areas of my journey 🙌.
Trying to Fall Asleep
Usually, after I stay up, it’s hard for me to fall asleep sometimes. I tried the meditation to fall asleep, and it worked miracles! I don’t even remember finishing the track.
Two thumbs down
My phone rang and the app quit I’m not impressed I don’t like it at all it says it’s too short so I have to keep adding more words so I’ll waste your time if you want me too
BTW some of these, so I paid the spam emoji’s so they’re good out more or that’s not the right way To phrase it but The spam emoji’s to make it stand out I just want to let you know that some of these comments might be fake and it’s not as good as they seem
First night
This didn't help me sleep I was still awake after the music had finished will try again although shifting my migraine late last night may have been a contributing factor
No that helpful
I have a lot of trouble falling asleep and this was no that helpful it was nice but I sill couldn’t sleep.
I learned to take pressure off of “I need to go to sleep” by saying “just rest.”
Rest, Relaxing
Inviting yourself to rest rather then placing pressure on needing to and having to fall asleep.
Walter J
Relaxing ...
Very relaxing session to help one get to sleep. Breathing deep & allowing yourself just to relax was a good recipe for actual sleep!! 😴💤🍀
I learned that focusing on rest rather than sleep is a better method or attitude to open the body to sleep.
I learned not to put pressure on myself to fall asleep, as is my tendency to do. Rather, it is better to focus on simply resting and allowing my body to rest more deeply with every exhale. Thank you to Cassandra and all the others who work for this app for putting this track together.It has taught me the value of resting ,without pressure to sleep. I am also grateful for the community on this app for taking the time to read this post. I hope you are all OK , happy, and well.