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Rest in Your Happy Place

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Cass Carlopio
Sleep Expert, Psychologist & Meditation
It is so easy to get caught up in stressful thoughts and circumstances. This meditation uses guided visualization to help you rest in your happy place, to reset, and recharge.
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My happy place
Visualizing this really calmed me down and allowed me to focus. I thought it was clever that she said to think of a favorite place in nature specifically, for the outdoors have a more calming effect.
Escape 🌊🌞
I can escape, if only for a few minutes, by imagining that I am someplace in nature that is very special to me.
First day
I learned that it’s hard for me to go to a favorite place in nature. I found myself on the water tower by the baseball field with Scotty .A Quote at the end of meditation about ambition had me pondering that having great ambition is not a consistent positive it depends on your reasoning in your actions. Person can be absolutely destructive with ambition.
Although I had trouble sleeping last night this meditation session made me appreciate life and nature.
Happy place
Picturing yourself in your own special place. Absorbing all that surrounds you with all your senses. It truly is a happy place that fills me with peace.
I couldn’t get into this meditation . The woman’s voice made me feel distracted and un easy in a way .
The Grove
I found myself perched and resting on this elevated rock in the middle of this grand pond holds up this natural waterfall. Around it, utopia with colorful plants and trees. The vines and leaves formulate an entryway, a curtain, that provides shelter and leaves my treasure hidden to the outside world. I hear peaceful sounds of animal calls and whispering winds. The waterfall is persistent in its glory. My face feels each droplet from its mist. It’s cool to the touch. I am grateful for my senses. I am serene. I feel untouchable yet minuscule in terms of the world around me. It is breathtaking and humbling. - Joe L
I realize that when I meditate I like to imagine myself somewhere.
day 9
i pictured myself in a large flower field with a cool breeze against my skin. it helped me relax and calm my nerves.
I felt relaxed for a bit and I found a place to go to but my mind kept becoming clouded and stopped me from meditating at my full capacity.
I can head the forest around me and the waterfalls. Peaceful.
Happy place
I was a little distracted by her voice, but once I got passed that I was truly able to imagine and “be” in my happy place!
My Happy place
Today I relaxed like I have not in a long time. When it said to travel To my Happy Place, my mind, heart and soul all went to exactly the same place. I know where I am to go.
My Happy Place
Wow, that really felt wonderful visiting my Happy Place, if only in my mind. Tranquility was waiting for me there.🙏🏾
My happy place
My happy place is a spot in the forest that I found during one of my many meditations. I learned that I can take my happy place with me during the day and when I need to find a restful moment or I need uplifting I can visualize my happy place, take a few deep breath‘s and then return to what I was doing.
Favourite place in Nature
I learned that I loved this meditation!! I was suddenly back in the Otways, down in a gully next to a stream trickling over rocks, shivering in the shadows of the giant tree ferns. Thank you.
My Favorite Place
I learned that to realize all of the fast goings in life, you had to slow down and think about them. Life is a journey, a marvelous one, and if you want to enjoy it... you have to be in it.
My Happy Place
I learned that when I think of my happy place my boyfriend Isiah is always there right beside me. He’s what makes it feel so happy.
Second great session
I felt amazing I just felt peaceful and loosened 😊. And it felt like I was on a adventure ✈️
I gained more confidence and I had a smile on my face. Now I am more optimistic than before
Pie day. I liked this one. I felt very calm and relaxed so easy to fall asleep....zzzzz
Restful moment
Thank you for a great meditation! It is so easy to get caught up in our thoughts but nice to know we can take a moment to check into a happy space where we can just be.
Feeling sad
Resting in my happy place is a great antidote to feelings of sadness and ruminating on “what I don’t have in life.” I was feeling very sad before this meditation and I’m feeling a tad bit better after visiting my happy place.
Many happy places
This meditation made me realize I have a couple of happy places. It taught me that I can visit those places whenever I want. Meditation brings the world to you.
i felt calm & warm
i learned i can still be there without physically being there
I can bring Voyageurs with me in my heart and in my actions in everything that I do in life. SCD.
So relaxed
First session and I really enjoyed it, very relaxing before bed
A start
I can control my thoughts and imagine. I was able to slow down and get off the hurry train.
I couldn t relax i was sooo itchy lol ... i hope i do better nxt time
My fav place in nature
Amazing how close to being there this felt to me tonight. And instead of being sad that it’s SO far away - surprisingly - I was happy that I could recall so much about being there, because I have been there hundreds of times before.
Relax and drift
I love these meditations. This time I was in my happy place and I found a horse on top of my mountain, not just any horse but a Pegasus. I smelt that horsey smell, touched the muscles on his neck, silvery wings graced his body, feathers moved in unison with the faint breeze that tickled my neck. He stood still, nostrils flaring but no other movement and I knew that if I was to ride we would conquer the sky. Instead I jumped from the cliff top, wings unfurled from my shoulder blades and I flew. Light shone down upon me and I swooped and dived in glee. I was free and I didn’t need to use another for my freedom, I was enough.
Rest in my Happy Place
I can relax and feel my breath and can here the sounds and as I do I smile. Thank you for the gift ofrelaxation
i was told to picture myself in my ideal environment/nature place. i pictured the beach and i was not alone. this guy that i’m in love with was sitting on my right hand side. we sat in the sand at the quiet beach near the water as the sun was setting. the horizon was orange and the wind was blowing. it felt good but the only thing is that he doesn’t feel the same about me. i just want to be able to actually go to the beach and just be alone with him.
Environment Matters!
I noticed that sensory details, especially smell and touch, help me enter a state of calm and tranquility. This meditation is the definition of an escape pod :)
Favorite place
I learned that my favorite place in nature is on the beach, with my toes in the warm sand, feeling the sun lightly on my skin, listening to the waves 😌
Hypnotic - success for relaxation
My body was frantic, my soul felt like a journey filled with such serenity, and my mind suddenly wondered into the depths of my very own nature that I hold so dearly within. It was eye-grasping. It’s amazing how their is no limitation to how much imagery and knowledge your mind can hold. Eventually, my body fell into the soothing sounds of every word that were spoken to me and it slowly eased me into a calm state once and for all.
I discovered what my most relaxing location is. I’ll have to remember that and take it all in the next time I’m there.
Nature is such a restorative place for me. It always has been but the last few years it has been on a different level. I thought about my trip to Joshua Tree and the night I saw the Milky Way. I remembered the midnight blue of the sky against the stars and the stone. The sweet smell of the desert. The smoothness of the rock. The desert caught me by surprise with how amazing and unique it is. I will always cherish my experience there.
Distractions to mindfulness
The voice of Cassandra Carlopio was so phony phonetizing every word. I felt like I was being spoken to like I was a child. Annoying.
I learned that, whenever we get s chance to close our eyes, relax and let our minds drift off to our favorite place in nature, we do feel better spiritually and can go out into the world and be fine.
The garden
My favorite place in the entire world has been the garden. I love to feel the dirt between my toes and the smell of freshly turned soil. The feel of the grass and the twigs on the trees. Just sitting and listening to the birds sing and hearing the wind blow through the trees is so relaxing. This meditation was good for me today as it is the 6th anniversary of my Dad’s passing. Irene we the few times we would go to the farm and I would sit in Grandma’s garden playing in the mud and dirt. Great memories.
That is the name of the place in nature my sister and I used to love to go and soak up the early morning sun. And appreciate all the spring blossoms lupine and buttercups and shooting stars. It was jut a little meadow that was on the property my dad built out house on and where we grew up. I miss it soo much. Thank you for asking me to remember. 🧘🏼‍♀️🌷🌱🌼🌿
Rest In Your Happy Place
It is so easy to return to that wonderful place throughout the day! What a wonderful way to ease the stress and tension of the day.
Great start of the day
Really like Cassandra’s meditations. This is another one which centers me and positions me for a great start of my morning.
Happy Place
This is a wonderful visualization meditation to listen to if, and when, we find ourselves in stressful thoughts or circumstances. As soon as I had closed my eyes, I had arrived at one of my favorite places in nature. I was walking along a nature trail in the spring. The wildflowers were abundant with a large array of different shapes, sizes and vibrant colors. Butterflies of all different sizes, patterns and colors were literally everywhere, flying and pollinating from one flower to the next. It is in these moments, I am amazed. It is in these moments, I found peace. It is in these moments, I am happy. It is in this happy place where everything is okay, just the way it is. Namaste...☮️❤️🙏🏻
Your place
It is easy to just be wrapped in your daily routine, and to continue non-stop going about your day, letting things overwhelm you. Take a moment for yourself, and visualize your happy place; hear it; feel it. And take that sensation with you everywhere you go. Because what matters is the now, but also your perspective of it, for it can reflect in your behavior.
Mini Vacation
Cassandra’s soothing voice guides you to visualize your favorite nature place. I visualized hiking to the top of a ridge that was surrounded with a view of mountains along with a lake. I find a spot to sit to admire the view feeling the warm sunshine on my face along with a gentle breeze. This renews my tired spirit. I look forward to returning there when I am able to travel again. In the meantime, I can always revisit this place anytime I want in my mind along with focusing on my breath.
Fave place
Six years ago I moved closer to my favorite place in nature. Now I need to get there more often to relax. It is a reward that I should receive.
Sitting At Lake
I am sitting at the edge of Lake Blue Ridge staring out into the beautiful mountain horizon. I feel a refreshing cool breeze against my skin. I inhale deeply the smell of pine trees, fresh air, and the water of the lake. A feeling of complete contentment washes over me as I continue to focus on my breath. Taking in all the beautiful sights and sounds around me. My breath is in sync with the gentle waves I am watching. I sit there for a half hour before a thunderstorm appears. Before I leave, I give thanks for having this moment to myself. As well as for being surrounded by such a beautiful place. This is one of my favorite nature spots. Thank you Aura for suggesting this session for my daily moment today. I enjoyed revisiting this very pleasant memory from last weekend.
Finding a ace
I'm regretful that I could not think of anything that would be a favorite place in nature. I'm now realizing how much I have neglected nature an being outdoors... I plan to remedy this, I hope soon
Feeling through breath
Feel your inhale and feel your exhale, imagine your favorite place in nature
My place❤️
I will take this happy place with me through the day. Remembering the stillness and calmness it brings me!
Happy place
I noticed that at th end of the meditation I was still smiling. I needed this today
Ponderosa pine forest.
Even though I can't visualize (aphantasia), I can imagine other senses. I can still smell the butterscotch scent of the pines and feel the coolness of the air.
Smoky mountains waterfall
I can take myself back to that waterfall and experience the feeling of awe all over again
I love that I can return to these beautiful places in my memories. It makes me smile