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Rest in Golden Light

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Cass Carlopio
Sleep Expert, Psychologist & Meditation
This meditation invites the listener to image a golden light covering the body, to induce deep feelings of ease, peace and wellbeing.
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9 reflections
After Golden light
I learned that before going to sleep it’s important to recognize and rest all body parts that are tense. It’s important to let go and unwind as much as you can for a good comfortable night sleep.
Golden light
I learned that after listening to this mediation has made me see the light and rest making me feel less stressful.
I felt protected
I learned that in our darkest hour and days will shift in a second once you’ve ignited your mind with bright and positive mindset
Golden light
I felt so good that the golden light was protecting me and keeping me safe from all the bad things in the universe it felt so organic, natural, and nice.
Halo of Gold
King Midas gently touched my soul. A halo appeared above my head and ever so slowly, my body turned to gold.. with each breath in and out.. each body part enrobed in a golden essence. My inner light — illuminated and emitted outwardly. For the whole world to witness. As if it could no longer be contained. Bursting with energy. With joy. And effervescence. Wanting to touch others and touch their souls, so they, too, can feel their own magic.
I felt I noticed I learned
I felt like I was sort of tingling as the golden light went around to cover my body. I noticed that my mind was sort of rambling to things hat would give me a greater adrenaline pump. I learned that after socializing with one person I get super excited.
Incredibly Cozy
Laying in my bed, I became aware of the parts of my body that were making contact with the mattress below. Beginning to feel my body sink into this mattress, I followed my breath as it entered and exited my body. Becoming further relaxed, I felt the tension in parts of my body begin to unravel. As I laid in my bed, focused on letting go of tension on my exhale, a golden light appeared above my head. Radiating its warmth, this golden light felt like a mental massage as it began to cover the top of my head. Continuing on down my body, this golden light wrapped me up in its warmth like a weighted blanket. Completely covered in this golden light, my body radiated with such warmth. Resting in this golden light, feeling so incredibly cozy, as if I am curled up on a chair reading a book next to a fireplace, I am now ready to close my eyes and drift off to sleep. Thank you Cassandra! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️😌
Golden Light
This meditation made me feel warm even when I was cold. The golden light was relaxing before bed!
jess 🧡
warm light
throughout this meditation i could feel my body slowly warm up, slowly being encapsulated by this warm light. it made me feel so seen, so bright, and just so happy. really great visualisation practice :)