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Responding Rather Than Reacting

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Karuna Priya
Meditation Teacher & Former Monk
If you are feeling anxious or reactive, this meditation will help you to calm your nerves down, feel better and respond positively to yourself, others and situations well. Often when you react to situations, people and ourselves without considering, you can end up regretting. This meditation will teach you how to respond positively so you get the outcomes you want.
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13 reflections
I learned that i need to relax more and be less tense. I need to learn how to calm down and not stress about things.
I carry a lot of anger at the things I am powerless to change
Let the feelings be...
I'm uncomfortable sitting in my feelings. I'm too hard on myself, believing that if there's no logical explanation for how I'm feeling, I need to suppress it. Yet, suppression only makes me tense and angry. It isn't beneficial to me or my mental health. I'm denying myself the right to feel. Instead, I need to embrace my emotions, even when it hurts. They are valid. It's okay.
I learned that
I act so hard and never be true to myself and my body ends up reacting. by listening to this I can move on and never worrying about going crazy
Pulling Myself Back Up
I haven't been meditating much lately, I had a real nice streak, I was so proud of what I had accomplished so far. Then I missed one day, and then another day. Everyday that passed it was easier to say no to a session, and along with that I felt that thick dark mist start to set in. I started to feel worse, more negative. Things that made me anxious and depressed before started coming up again, causing me to spiral a bit. Today was particularly hard with a lot of dark moments and numbness. I felt backed into an emotional corner and as I thought of ways to remedy these feelings, the only thing that didn't seem like too much was meditation. So I went outside to my little chair and sat there breathing in the fresh air while I listened to this, and it honestly really helped clear away some of that darkness, enough for me to finish out my day with mindfulness.
I learned...
I seem to have a tendency to fight relaxation. So weird. Now that I’m aware of this, I can begin changing it.
Ask body are you ok?
Relax the forehead and body hahakdhakd gakshakdhgaish haishakdh
Hello Forehead...
Hello forehead. How are you? Hello ears. Are you OK? This was a particularly relaxing and healing meditation for me. I’ve taken this body for granted for most of my 60 years. It felt good to sit down with it and address it directly. Hello abdomen... heart... hips... toes. Oh, and toes? Thanks for all your hard work!
A new method 💙 to reduce tension
To be focused on an area of my body and ask it, if it feels tense, then telling it to relax. It’s a different method of meditation for me and I did enjoy it. It did reduce the tension I was holding in my body. Thanks for sharing your wisdom🙏 from years of experience.
Although this was different than what I am used to in my meditation experience, and my mind tended to wander a bit, I can see the value of this. I will try it again later when I can focus better. Be forewarned if you try this meditation that the 7 minutes felt longer than 7 minutes.
This meditation offered such a different perspective for dealing with chronic pain. It helped me to focus on what my body was trying to tell me rather than reaching to the pain. Thank you for your gentle guidance.🙏🏻
Sense of Being
We often forget that our minds and bodies are connected. We are so busy these days that often we do not listen to our bodies. We keep going and going until our bodies are so worn out that we must rest even if we do not want to. This meditation gives us a different perspective on how we respond to our bodies. By regularly checking in with various parts or regions of our bodies throughout the day, we can offer compassion to those areas that require our attention. If we take some time to listen to what our bodies are telling us throughout the day, we can respond appropriately rather than reacting. In this way, we will have a better sense of being. Namaste! 🙏🏻❤️😊
Accept & Feel
I’ve recently been loving the idea of letting yourself accept and feel emotions, rather than defusing them immediately. This practice helped me learn more about how to do this in a positive way.