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Resourcing Calm

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Cass Carlopio
Sleep Expert, Psychologist & Meditation
When we get stressed or anxious, the technique of resourcing is valuable. Resourcing teaches us to find a part of the body that feels calm, that feels okay, and to use that to shift the overall mood of the body.
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Out of our heads...
Sheryl Crow has a song where she sings, “If we could only get out of our heads and into our hearts...” That’s how this meditation was for me. I was feeling a stress headache, but noticed my heart was very calm. It felt like the calm of my heart swallowed up the ache of my head. Thank you!
Didn’t quite work
I learned that I cannot focus on a tense spot in my body without it making me a bit more tense. If I focus on my breathing, then my tension will naturally start to relax, but if I just zero in on the tension itself, I cannot relax.
It felt nice. Se sintió agradable todo el tiempo y la voz de la narradora fue muy dulce.
Noté que prestando atención a las partes tensas de mi cuerpo, y después a las calmas; las calmas se tensaban apenas. Incluso me dolió un poco en algunos puntos, pero con la respiración se fue pasando.
Loved this!
I loved this session, it really helped me to ease the tension and feel more relaxed at and ease. My anxiety has been a bit high lately and this session really helped a lot. I will be favoriting this so I can come back to it.
I don't have anything to say... or else i would be repeating myself. But anyways i really enjoyed it.❤️
Resourcing calm
I learned that I can take calming energy from other parts of my body to the places where I feel tension in my body.
Wow... this one really did me good.
That I now feel like I am jelly :) I lost myself in trance and continued to practice my breathing for a while after it finished
When we feel stressed or anxious, we can feel tightness in various parts of our body. In this meditation, Cassandra teaches us an exercise we can do that invites calm into our body. Taking in a few deep breaths into my belly, I cleared my mind enough to focus on learning a new exercise. Scanning my body, I noticed I felt tension and pain in my shoulder area. Zooming into this area, I visualized these muscles bundled up causing a nerve to be irritated even more. Then I brought my awareness to a place where I felt calm, my feet. Feeling my feet firmly on the ground, I felt comforted, as if Earth was giving me a gentle hug. Shifting my awareness back to my shoulder area, I realized that the tension wasn’t as tight and the nerve had calmed down. Shifting back to my feet again, I felt grounded in the moment. Bringing my awareness to both of these areas, I started to feel the calmness from my feet radiate into my shoulder area, further relaxing the muscles and nerve. Wow! This resource exercise is something I will definitely practice! Thank you, Cassandra! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
I’ve learnt a simple thing such as scanning my body and just notice differences and paying attention to my emotions could help.
Mind & Body
I feel more relaxed and calm. I feel like I calmed a stressful area in my body.
So relaxing
Just what I needed! Focusing on an area of my body that was relaxed helped relieve the stress and tension in my body. Feeling a little better :)
Resourcing calm
I learned how to resource a space in your body to that is calm, to a spot in your body that is uncomfortable. When you shift your focus between the two, I noticed how the space that felt uncomfortable was relieved. This is something I will practice when I find I’m holding onto tension in my body.
Just a bit anxious today
I’m feeling a little overwhelmed by the amount of activity I have to complete for my business and clients. Taking a break and just recognizing how I feel and pausing to know that this activity is all positive and I’m full of gratitude calms me down Thankful for the blessings I have and the ability to do what needs to be done. 
A great way to start the day, experiencing the tight and the relaxed (or least tight) together. Namaste
Something in me doesn’t serve a purpose for mediation. Bad vibe sorry
Wonders of the Body
I was pleasantly surprised and amazed about this resourcing technique. How amazing that I used the calmness of my knees to alleviate the tightness on my right shoulder. Being fully aware of and allowing the body to harness its own resources for stress management (or healing) is such a simple and accessible technique.
State of calm
I started my day so wound up and tense, fretting over school work and other tasks for the day. This mediation helped provide me with a few minutes to get out of my head and feel calm. Thank you.
That’s amazing!
Wow! I had a sore place on my thigh where some cramping had occurred earlier. My lips were the only place on my body that felt totally relaxed. I followed the track and was able to resource that discomfort away!!
I had not ever heard of this technique before and it feels like it can work. Also, Cass has the most soothing tone and cadence when she speaks...