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Resolving Resistance Meditation

28 Min
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Bradley T. Morris
Meditation Guide, Author, Creator, Coach
Journey deep into the center of your cells and release trauma, resistance, fear, anxiety, negative belief systems, and the voice of doubt. Keep your journal close for when this meditation practice is over. You may be inspired to write about your experience.
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11 reflections
Cyndee 🌊
Releasing bad energy
Looking out my bedroom window, raining and calming, light thoughts drifting through, staying for a short while then moving on. Feeling good now as my body starts to soften, letting go and exhaling with a sigh of relief, releasing bad energy! Someone or something may be the cause of negative thoughts, I’m the one holding onto it, I let it in and I let it stay, now I let it go. I open the cage and let the bird go free and with it anything that does not serve me today. 🙏
Cyndee, you didn’t reflect on the exceptional length of this session! This is the practitioner I refer to as “the drum circle guy” and though I appreciate his contributions to Aura, it’s just not my cup of tea really. Glad I opted to do this without my headphones this morning...but look! It’s already the afternoon! That WAS long!😳
Still haven't embraced affirmations
I KNOW what I am capable of achieving in my life. I just need to overcome my natural but forced sedentary existence and get on with living my life again! May I say: I don't really care for this new style of Aura? Feeding me into an additional session each time IS a bit better than just auto-starting another session, but if the ”reflection” is going to simply be a ”thumbs-up” or ”thumbs-down” choice, the app might at least offer me a few options of the follow-up session, rather than forcing the choice after the feedback.
28 minutes
This was very powerful. I can’t believe it was 28 minutes, to me that felt like 15 minutes max! That was truly exceptional work that I was able to accomplish, and I healed a part of my right hip that held a lot of sexual trauma, which once was detangled allowed me to unlock and heal a bit of my heart chakra. I even feel a difference in my root chakra tonight. Thank you 🌿✨
Guðbjörg Glóð
I will do this one many times
Disolving old feelings and pain that block you and could be on its way to cause an illness. Really worth the effort. Great meditation.
Circumstance does not define worthiness
The fear in my root chakra is recalcitrant. Many times have I worked on this area and thought it was cleared only to start having back pain all over again. This is why I will return to this meditation. It was the first major release I have felt in many months. Tears steamed down my face as I remembered that I wasn’t always afraid to be a nurse. That it was a sense of inadequacy and unworthiness that were behind that fear and completely a story that I have chosen for all these years (29) to perpetuate. It no longer serves me and I released it. I am sure this will need to be reinforced which is why I will rinse and repeat until thoroughly clean 😉
Exactly what I needed
I was reminded that feelings of resistance come up to tell me something. My body is communicating with me and I have the courage, power and tools to listen and heal.
Cowabunga breath?
Bradley, what is the cowabunga breath? Please explain how one does it - first time I have come across it. Thanks for this meditation - I can really feel the breathing working within.
The body is made up of two components: the physical body and the energetic body. When we carry limited beliefs and other emotional baggage, our energetic body can become blocked and thus, cause unsettling emotions and thoughts in the body and mind. In this amazing meditation, Bradley has us resolve any resistance we may be holding onto so we may show up as our best self in future experiences. Sitting on a bench, I began to follow Bradley’s guided breath until I had arrived at my center, where my mind and body were one. Getting in touch with my center, I began to sense anywhere energy appeared to be blocked in my body. Sensing, I focused in on my throat chakra. Breathing into this area, I saw the color blue slightly appear. With each new breath, I began to get closer and closer to this blue energy center. Eventually, I found myself inside it. Seeing the color blue everywhere I looked, I began to heal this energy center by performing Bradley’s cowabunga breath. After roughly 10 times of doing this amazing breath, I sat for a short time feeling the amazing effects of I had just created in my body. Glowing and feeling light and free to spread my wings, I soared through the sky like an indigo bunting while hearing to the inspirational music in the background. What an incredible experience! Settling back into my body, I felt a smile blossom on my face. Knowing that I had begun resolving any resistance, I affirmed my power and truth. Thank you, Bradley! I will definitely be listening often! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️🌈
I noticed that I still had the sadness of leaving Versalink
I realized that it is the sadness of letting go of the old self. But I know I will no longer want to be that old self. I am grateful for what I have learned and experienced during these 25 years in Versalink, allowing me to become who I am today. I am thankful to father and Matthew and also Adam for this beautiful journey together. It is time to let this old self die as I come closer to my Real Self. Amazing exercise. Love this meditation.
Past emotions
I still have long past emotions that I need to clear to really move forward and release the blockages I'm feeling in my body.
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