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Removing The Dust!!!

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Teena Jones
Life Coach and Healer!!
Removing the dust out of your life can be a little daunting and sometimes painful experience, but it's very necessary to get to the life that you deserve. Cheers!
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Removing the dust!!
Great session. Beating a rug is not to punish the rug. It's to get the dirt and dust out. I like that. This taught me that the universe will deliver what it needs to in order to remove the dust or obstacles out of our way. In order to receive our dreams! It's not always pretty. Or simple. Or the way we had envisioned. Sometimes it does feel like a punishment. It's so not. It may seem like it's not in line with what we have been manifesting. Sometimes we misinterpret signs or miss them completely. Good solid lesson.
This session was just what I needed to hear! I kept telling the universe what I wanted but then asked it to wait for my terms. Universe sure got my attention! Thank you!