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Removing The Dust!!!

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Teena Jones
Life Coach and Healer!!
Removing the dust out of your life can be a little daunting and sometimes painful experience, but it's very necessary to get to the life that you deserve. Cheers!
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Removing the dust!!
Great session. Beating a rug is not to punish the rug. It's to get the dirt and dust out. I like that. This taught me that the universe will deliver what it needs to in order to remove the dust or obstacles out of our way. In order to receive our dreams! It's not always pretty. Or simple. Or the way we had envisioned. Sometimes it does feel like a punishment. It's so not. It may seem like it's not in line with what we have been manifesting. Sometimes we misinterpret signs or miss them completely. Good solid lesson.
This session was just what I needed to hear! I kept telling the universe what I wanted but then asked it to wait for my terms. Universe sure got my attention! Thank you!
Vacuuming that dust
Yep, I keep on letting that dust pile grow and grow while telling my sad old tale of work injury, botched corrective surgery, and disabilitation. My woe as me, feel sorry for me spiel of being housebound and unable to work, or travel or even drive anywhere more than 20 minutes. That victim mentality, that old narrative no longer serves me. I need to write myself a new story, where I am happy with what I do have. My beautiful home, the stars at night, watching every sunrise and sunset. A close, loving family coming home for Christmas in 9 more days. A party at the neighbours tonight. A book club Christmas afternoon tea party I have organised myself for lots of others. A new Christmas Angel to make. Presents to wrap, cards to write love onto, and send. A man who loves me to bits, who looks after me, who I can depend on and trust implicitly. Good friends to chat to and share the real me with. My life is abundant right now. I have so much that is good. It was hiding under inches of dirt and dust and awful, sorrowful muck for years. I'm getting out my Hoover this morning. GONNA CLEAN UP MY LIFE. Why? Because I got myself a dose of The Teena Effect. I'm on fire for the holidays. God bless you, girl. I thank the universe for putting you in it! XXX XXX
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