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Removing The Boulders To Manifestation!!

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Teena Jones
Life Coach and Healer!!
If you`ve been using the law of attraction to improve your life, yet it seems that manifestation is taking too long, then you need to listen to today`s session. Many of you are holding on to old beliefs about money, love, and life in general, that`s holding you back from living an abundant life and it`s time to remove those beliefs for good!! Cheers~
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Very interesting
I believe there is a deep truth in this teaching. And that we ourselves probably are the main reason for several unresolved problems (attention this is not to make us feel guilty at all! But to grow and move on and evolve).
Okay, my boulders have to go! I think of mine as remnants of a boulder. They still block what I'm manifesting. Our belief systems are super important. So many influences in our lives have shaped our belief system. The way we act after they've been around so long is like being on auto-pilot. We don't question it. Our words and actions reflect our belief systems. The energy we are projecting will then be in line with our belief system. But we may be manifesting something entirely different for ourselves! In my life, I'm manifesting a simple life with a good man. In the country. Sharing. Caring. Loving unconditionally. Giving to my community. Pursuing prior interests like reading and crochet. New things I want to do also. Such as pottery, painting, yoga, zip lining, etc.... I want to have women friends to bond with. Meet for coffee. Have dinner. I want to be with a man that accepts me 100% for who I am. Someone who is calm, sweet, has his own interests, loyal, fun, and active. Someone who doesn't get in the way of my happy. And in turn I will give the same and much more. So, I can't be thinking negative thoughts from my prior belief system!! Not if I want to manifest how I want my life to be! Whew. That's a hard one, Teena. Great lesson.
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