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Removing Depression with Gratitude

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Myrene Dickinson
Health & Behavior Hypnotherapist
A sense of gratitude for life and for being part of humankind is the most powerful practice to remove depressive thoughts. In addition, holding on to good memories helps us forget unpleasant experiences. Fill your life with gratitude and gain a positive appreciation of what it means to be human and happy.
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3 reflections
I loved it! It relaxed me so much that i caught myself snoring 💤.
I feel wonderful. Definitely goes to my playlist!!!❤️👍😃 Thank you Myrene Dickinson !!!!
Carolyn Schneiderman
I am sceptical of finding release from this Heinrich depression and melancholy. Anxiety is my second demon which torments me continuously . I am reminded that gratitude feels wonderful.
Even though very upset with various people during this family crisis which may culminate with the death of my dear father, when it was suggested that I let go of negative associated, I was able. I choose the cheerful confident and abundantly energetic Road Runner cartoon to be a mental image of a partner, friend, guide as I continue to stay alive and strive to relieve myself of negativity, exhaustion, resentment, pervasive fear and mistrust and a very old very deep and hollow sadness.
Carolyn Schneiderman
Null well i did, but my entry was not saved
Fortunately I took a snapshot titled 11 20 2022 I choose road runner I fear that my father will die in hospital, any day. I miss my son Henry, newly away at college with much pain and trouble maintaining self-care
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