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Relief from a Busy Mind

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Steven Webb
Inner Peace and Emotional Wisdom Teacher
Let's quieten your mind. This is a simple practice and incredibly effective for dealing with anxiety, stress or overthinking.
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7 reflections
Quiet the body, quiet the mind
Focusing on my breath and relaxing my body also helped me calm my mind. This session helped me break away from the stress and anxiety from the day and focus on relaxing.
Felt that my mind at least for a moment did really quieten. Will be coming back to this one regularly.
Breath in calm, breath out relax. Quiet mind quiet body. Breath in the stillness, relax with the calmness . As the body relaxes the universes follows. As the body gets quiet, the mind gets quieter. Let go of everything that’s in the mind just let it go and let it fade away
Relief From A Busy Mind
I’m experiencing utter mutiny, but I’m fairly certain that my body has been planning this for at least a few days. It’s too dark out, so I’m just trying to distract and calm myself because the more anxious I feel, the worse is going to happen. If I just lay here and breathe, then I’m going to sleep and tomorrow I can recover from this as soon as possible. Just breathe. Just breathe. Just breathe. Just relax. Just relax. Just relax and this night will end all the sooner. Just let go. Just let go. Just accept the current situation as temporary. The soonest I can get in control of my body, the easier things will be. Tomorrow will be here soon.
Relief From A Busy Mind
Thank you for this beautiful meditation. You create calm and bring it to the world!
I felt more calm after that meditation
I learned to let go and let life be, my mind felt more relaxed and calm I felt the natures sounds around me.
Meditation is Healthy Relaxation
I felt completely relaxed. I came to understand how out of alignment my body rhythms were I learned to calm my rhythms