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Releasing Thoughts

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Kristy Arbon
Somatic Self-Compassion Creatrix
Visualizing your thoughts traveling on your in breath and being integrated into your vast, wise, deep body. Allowing any residual thoughts to leave via your out-breath. Photo by Silas van Overeem on Unsplash
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Releasing Thoughts
It was reassuring to hear you say that our minds were designed to be busy but we can train them to be still. My mind is definitely “ in training” so quieting it is easier some days than others. Nonetheless, I am hopeful each time I practice. 🙏🏻
Peaceful session
I liked the peacefulness of this session and of the statements that removed the possibility of anxious feelings around meditation. Normalization of the wandering mind, the busy chatter, etc. thank you.
Really simple and efficient!
This is a pretty simple visualization that is effective and relieving. Thank you! ☺️
First time
I noticed my brained wandered but the three minutes passed very fast
Nadir A.
This Gaya mother of us all.
I learnt there are two different types of humans. Red cells which are normal people and then you have white blood cells to protect the red cells that has no clue what are they being attacked with. White blood cells are the guardians of mother Gaya..... or earth. Red blood cells at the time of death pass on. But white awakened cells gather all information about all attacker’s in their life time and cross it over to the next life. Which means only awakened white blood cells get reincarnated again and again as an insurance policyholders to keep coming back to protect serve and become one with the source directly. And save as many red blood cells as possible here on Gaya.
Busy mind
Our thoughts are always moving at a much faster pace than our bodies are prepared for. It is crucial to take a step backward and be mindful of the moment.
I fell asleep (I think!)
I have no recollection what transpired in the lesson I listened to at all! Guess it’s time for me to go to bed for the night!😳
Nice way to start the day.
This isn’t my favorite session, but it was still a great way to set the tone for the day!
I noticed that my memories or thoughts really faded after that time, so now im allowed to start ny day comoletely clean and not to recall ugly situations.
My mind was rushing of how bad my day was. I felt uncomfortable by the lady’s voice my anxiety=😖
Nothing yet. I really don’t want to reflect right now I want to try to fall a sleep. I’ve been up 4 hours just looking at my ceiling.
i felt my thoughts actually leave my mind and i just feel so calm
i learnt that breathing deeply for a few minutes is relaxing
Realising thoughts
I learned that I shouldn't think too much and now I feel good I really think this is going to work
My First Day
I have had so much on my mind lately and have been stressing like crazy. Just these first three minutes have made it clear that if I do this every day and follow through with it, I believe I will become more mindful and not as hard on myself. I need to be more positive and hopeful and I want to learn how to stop holding onto the past. I can’t wait to continue this!
Day 88
I was able to slowly clear my mind with the breath and was ok when small thoughts arised
Ahhh ha moment
I think today has truly been my “ah ha!” moment. I’m in a place that just feels right. By allowing myself these small daily meditations to just be still and allow my thoughts to come and then release them... my heart is calm, my thoughts are positive, and my vision is crystal clear. I’m at a complete peace about where I’ve been, what I’ve been through and where I’m going. 💕
We can clear out our thoughts.
It is good to know we have some control of our thoughts. And change a cluttered mind to a calm mind.
I’m goin to SDCC-miramar. I want to provide a home for ashlee. In San Diego. I can work for the next 7 months and figure out where to go from there. SDSU and SDU are my top choices. I would like to make SDSU my bitch. I will succeed if I plan to succeed.
Releasing thoughts
I was really able to relax and concentrate on my breath. Meditation truly is an act of compassion for ourselves and our body. Good night everyone.
04/08/18 10:32 pm
It is my first day using this. I’m quite confused and my thoughts are all over the place. My anxiety has calmed down but lately my depression has started acting up. But if I want to go to university I need to take control of my emotions and not let it chew me up like it has throughout the years. I need to start again and focus on myself.
Ushering thoughts.
Going to work on this today! Good ideas to put a focus on it.
Releasing Thoughts
I found this meditation a little tricky for me. I’m used to releasing thoughts as I breathe out. I never tried pushing them down. It took me awhile to get the hang of it but as I did, I noticed my thoughts were only tiny fragments that became muffled with each breath in and each breath out. Almost as they were muted by my breathing.
Flourish and Thrive 💫
When vision is clear, the results appear. Keep your mindset positive as you work your plan, flourish, and always remember why you started. Persevere like a seed; even when people try to bury you, flourish. If beautiful lilies bloom in ugly waters, you can too blossom in ugly situations. Namaste 🙏🏻
Releasing thoughts
I really appreciate Kristy and other meditation teachers who point out that having a busy mind is okay because that’s what minds do. I liked it too when she said that about landing and I felt myself being right here, right now. When my mind went away for a second, it was easier to let it come back. I’m so convinced that what you resist persists, and being able or unable to release thoughts seems to me to be a good example of that.
Thoughts Firing in the Brain
I learned that the mind constantly is sparking, thoughts passing through one to the next, connecting. Leveraging that learning in stillness, turn off that connection, the mind moving from one thing to another even as designed. Stillness is a gift to the mind.
Love Kristy’s meditations!
Not only is her voice calming, but it is so natural and conversational. I feel like she is sitting next to me guiding me through the breath work and the work with my thoughts. This one really helped me reset this morning.
The reminder at the end to be grateful of my compassion towards myself was lovely.
Kristy, wonderful! Wash and release my impermanent thoughts! Then self gratitude! Thanks.
Releasing Thoughts
I have never done the release thoughts method in this way and I loved it. Thank you for a great start to another day during the stressful time of pandemic.
Releasing thoughts
Thoughts are not permanent and we can usher them along if we would like. Sometimes I get stuck on a thought and it is hard for me to let it go. I liked the visual of having the thought run from your mind into other parts of your body to give them activity.
You are not your (immediate) thoughts
Sitting with the thought, neither clinging nor suppressing it, feels like a wave that is experienced and that passes through
I learned that thoughts are not permanent. Breathe in and wash them out.
I learned that it's okay to feel all kinds of emotions. What is important is to feel them and then they will eventually easily let go.
Releasing Thoughts
When we become still, we quickly find that our mind is filled with thoughts. This is especially true for those of us that do not practice meditation on a daily basis. Recognizing and accepting that this is what our mind is designed to do, we can find ways to release those thoughts out of our mind. In this meditation, Kristy introduces us to such a way, where we can then experience the tranquility of stillness. Becoming settled in an upright position, I went inward to connect with my breath. Feeling how it to simply breathe in and out, my body became relaxed and still. Noticing some thoughts in my mind, I began to follow Kristy’s guidance of releasing by breathing into my mind by way of my mind’s eye, allowing the air I breathed to capture those thoughts. Then I watched, as they flowed down my body until they were released into the earth. On my exhale, I watched this air pick up any residual thoughts that were missed on my inhale and release my body by way of my mouth. Releasing these thoughts, I felt both my body and mind becoming still. Feeling the tranquility of stillness, I was able to experience the Now fully and completely. Thank you, Kristy! I am grateful for learning another technique I can use to release thoughts, especially during times when I am experiencing racing thoughts. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
I remembered to breath and to not take things too seriously stressing to get there does n t help you get there, it delays everything
Releasing thoughts
I liked the idea offered in this meditation that we are able to relocate thoughts from the mind and move them towards the body for integration. This led me to think of the enteric nervous system and how it might receive information from the brain in this integration exercise.
I felt relief
At the idea of thoughts coming and going being the natural state of the mind
First morning session-intention
I learned that monotone voices put me back to sleep rather than motivate me for my day.
Great choice of words
I normally don’t listen to the meditations to start the day off but happened on this one. I loved her choice of words like “landing”, “integrate” and “usher”…felt very specific and clear. Thanks!
Releasing thoughts
Allow the thoughts to come and go. No reason to become attached and let them define you
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