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Releasing Tensions

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Karuna Priya
Meditation Teacher & Former Monk
This is a body scan meditation. This will help you release tensions from your body parts. After a busy and tiring day, unwind, recharge, and improve sleep quality.
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5 reflections
One I really listened to his voice and followed what he was saying my body began to feel very heavy and real. I could feel the breaths in the back of my throat. 100% recommend
anxious all day
i need to take time to myself to relax and find peace in my mind. so much is going on today with my family and my brain and i just needed to focus on myself for a moment and i feel a lot better now.
Anxiety feels so strinh
Sometimes meditating doesn’t even help my anxiety. I’ve been told to start taking anti depressants I’m scared
Unknown body actions
I was so surprised when she spoke about the pulsing of your neck, a second before I was noticing that. I had never been in tune with my body as after this session! Toe wiggling and all!
Walter J
At first I could feel my body releasing Tension with each out breathe and getting heavier/sinking deeper. A few more breathes & it felt like it was getting lighter and I started seeing little flashes of lights. By the end I almost felt like I was floating like a hot air ballon that had cut off all its sandbags. ❤️🧘🏻‍♂️🍀