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Releasing Tension from the Body

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Suzie Brown
Mindfulness & Insight Meditation Teacher
This meditation will help you to release the emotional tension stored up in all parts of your body, so you can go into your day feeling calm and relaxed.
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5 reflections
I have been good at forgiving others for the harm they caused me. I struggle forgiving myself because to do so would mean I have to acknowledge my vulnerability. Tonight I realized I am worthy of forgiveness because my vulnerability is my strength. When I asked for strength to move forward with an annulment, I really should have asked for forgiveness & grace. Forgiveness & grace bring strength.
Body scanning
A very relaxing and effective session each and every time ! Great start for a days journey.
By the time I had scanned my whole body, I felt like I was floating. This was so helpful for relaxing and reducing tension.
Walter J
GREAT relaxation session! She had us start at the top of the head and work our way down the whole body, releasing tension as we went. I kept getting more & more relaxed until I realized I had Become a jello-like puddle of very relaxed positive vibrations. Way cool!! ❤️✌🏼🍀
In this extremely relaxing meditation, Susie guides us through an excellent boy scan. Beginning at the top of my head and systematically going downward through each part of my body, I surrendered and let go of any built up tension. With each breath, I visualized my muscle fibers unravel and relax. By the end of this meditation, my body feels like it is melting into my bed. Surrendering and letting go of this built up tension, my mind and body are ready to drift off to a restful sleep. Goodnight! 😴