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Releasing Emotions

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Jennifer Louise
Meditation and Wellness Professional
Breath Meditation. Recognize, accept, release and make peace with the emotions. Our emotions are what make us raw human beings. In facing, embracing, and expressing them safely and naturally, we develop the ability to bring ourselves back into balance. In this meditation you will be given the opportunity to rapidly bring your awareness to evoking many different emotions, recognizing what comes up, accepting that this emotion may (or may not) be with you, then making space within yourself by releasing that emotion with the breath. To make peace is the transformation. To simply BE. With that space. Please Note: This breath meditation deals with emotions, please listen in a calm, safe environment - physically and mentally.
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3 reflections
Tension can be released with breathing, with tension released emotions can be controlled
Variety and depth
I learned that I don’t have just one or two emotions but that I have many that are intertwined and many that are buried deep. This help me to recognize that
Look Inward
I learned that many of the emotions mentioned could not be released. Which was nice to “see” so I can take a closer look inward at the feelings.
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