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Release Your Sadness

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Nathan Williams
FdSc Health & Fitness, Meditation Guide
Trying to meditate for relaxation sometimes just doesn't cut it. When we are so worked up and stressed that all we want to do is release our emotions then sometimes we just need a safe space to do so. In this meditation, I offer the time and space you need to emotionally vent in the way you desire. I offer a hand of friendship to you if you are going through a tough time. I understand and feel what you are going through, I am here for you.
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Sometimes I forget
Sometimes I forget to take care of myself, and sometimes I don’t know how. I’m reminded here that letting go doesn’t send me over the edge, but in fact pulls me back into the light. Sometimes I forget to breathe, and am reminded. But I am breathing and I am taking care of myself
I needed this comfort thank you
I was crying on my drive to work, feeling totally overwhelmed and alone and I really needed this. When he started talking about how he was there for me I couldn’t stop crying I just need some support right now and I can’t get it from anyone on my immediate family, they just shit on me and tell me I’m wrong and I can’t take it like they expect me to anymore. I don’t have the energy to give anymore
I have no words....
As soon as you began to speak, I knew I was exactly where I should be at this moment. Thank you for giving me permission to let go and for being there for me. I closed my eyes, and drank in all of your words. A few tears welled up in my eyes as I let them gently fall down my cheeks. I felt the heaviness in my chest lift, bringing me into a deep breath, followed by a long sigh. I happened upon your meditation simply by chance. I knew something was "off" with me today... When you said, "sometimes you don't want to be optimistic, you just want to let go", that is exactly how I felt. How lovely. Many thanks.
I feel like my heart is breaking from sadness about my husband and daughter and the conflicts between them.
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