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Release Worry and Transform It

18 Min
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Alyssa Luboff, Ph.D.
Philosopher & Meditation Guide
Let go of any worries, fears, and obsessive thoughts that are weighing you down. This simple, gentle exercise will help you to release and transform them with the breath – one of the most foundational and powerful tools of energy healing.
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Release Worry And Transform It
I am thankful my awareness of my norm to worry is ever stronger and this meditation guided me softly through beautiful energy work that allowed for being present to letting go and creating a beautiful space for the new to enter into my life today and beyond. This is a meditation I will be returning to mornings I sense worry being in the “driver’s seat” and transform it newly each time. Thank you. 🙏❤️🤍💛
Grounded by my feet
Lifted by the skies Breathing them both into my pain My tension, my chest And breathing the tension out Creating space to heal The tension It was you
Tears of joy came out I feel so so so so very happy Thank you so so very much