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Release, Surrender & Glow Meditation

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Katie Krimitsos
Creator, Women's Meditation Network
The intention of today’s meditation is to help you release all of those things that you so desperately want to control right now. To surrender into what is. And ultimately, to help you reconnect with your true glow.
From the community
11 reflections
Several control issues came up, I let go into love and they are now filled with compassion and the ones I don’t need to be with, I release.
Very soothing meditation that goes deep if you allow yourself to receive it. Why not let go? The space that opens up contains the answers we seek. Xxxo Much appreciation for this ❤️
I had so many marbles in my hand! People, relationships and financial issues all became marbles... this is a wonderful visualisation on letting go...Thankyou 💝
Let go
I let my marbles go then kicked them away! Learning to let go and keep letting go is a lesson I continue to work on.
Beautiful warmth
This is a beautiful meditation and has brought me a deep sense of inner peace, gratitude & love for the day ahead!
Rich & Warm
I feel deeply connected to inner peace. Much Gratitude for that lovely experience!
To surrender...
Reminding myself that I am the only one living with my body and that, yes, I have to accept that my usual plan of working first thing in the morning is just not always feasible and not to ruin my morning with unreasonable and unrealistic expectations for myself because I’m still going to rock today because the dishes are my one big thing project and then I’m going to make the best spaghetti recipe I could finally get ingredients for. And forgiving myself for not being able to put this plan into action for days because different things kept transpiring to say, ‘not today!’ My marbles include this overwhelming sense of failure about the dishes because, of course, it’s a task ENTIRELY reliant upon my ability to simply stand up straight. I could point out the groceries and their weight, but it’s more the treacherous conditions that the snowstorming being plowed has created. It was a freaking obstacle course trying to just walk around and get spell energy and then groceries. I can choose to be excited, instead that there were finally all of my missing ingredients and that I know my spaghetti is going to be phenomenal, especially when it’s so cold out. I can control reading the instructions so that I boil the noodles properly this time and not overdoing it. I can control adding the cheese in shifts. I can control being super careful with chopping up the sausages. I can control giving myself a clean environment to cook in and enjoying the activity of cooking because I’m learning and I already know how awesome it will taste, so I’m going to celebrate that and do everything I can think of not to become overwhelmed by either emotion, pain, anxiety, depression, exhaustion, crippling mind weeds. None of these things can be allowed to interfere with my One Big Thing.
I am but a grain of rice
I am but nothing and my higher power must be connected to and consulted. As a mere human I am not enough, I am faulty and can’t possibly do extraordinary work unless tapped into Source
Best start of my day 💙
This meditation and even the music, made me feel soooo relaxed and thankful. You’re voice is magnificent 👌🏼 Wauw 😍🥰❤️Thank you 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
Release surrender and grow
I’m holding on to things i can’t control. Release them and let them work themselves out.
Namaste beautiful
My inner femininity is very emotional! She's amazing, and really appreciates being perfectly imperfect. I could sit in this peace and light and acceptance and detachment a lot more....!
I felt a sense of inner peace, the anxious feeling was no longer present and the things I was worried about were seen in a more positive light.
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