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Release Some Pain & Illness Before Sleeping

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Irene Zwaan
Hypnotherapist & Energy Healer
Hard time sleeping with pain or illness? Then this meditation can help you to release pain and suffer to calm down and to go into a gentle sleep.
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Vivian lee
Needing sleep
Im still having trouble clearing my mind. I have fleeting thoughts i cant seem to contol.
Before going
Anything you’re about to do now, just stop! Lay down, close your eyes and think about something comforting, something that can relieve you from any pain or even suffering. This mediation uses fish as an example; you could think about leeches sucking poison from your body. Whatever it is that you honk about, let it take every negative feeling or emotion from you, so that you can be reborn the next day, or even be refreshed for a brand new day, whichever your time one is. Remember that it’s important how you feel & your view of how the day will go, as this will affect your perspective in great manner.
Irene Zwaan’s fishes
I instantly felt better listening to Irene Zwaan talk about relieving my pain. My body feels like, I’m no longer anxious, the pain is actually less. I’m impressed.
I had a small pain in my lower back on the left.
I learned that by letting the fishes inside of me, they would take my pain and illness away. I really liked that exercice and i'm planning on doing some more every morning and every night if i need it.
I had pain in my shoulder I don't know how the pain just vanished
When u feel calm or relaxed your pain or your I'll Ed runs away
I had pain my head and abdomen and this eased it massively. I also felt more relaxed.
I forgot how to be in my body until now. Practicing mindfulness may help.