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Release Pain of the Past and Reset Your Future.

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Irene Zwaan
Hypnotherapist & Energy Healer
Stop caring problems, pain, situations fear of the past. Heal yourself now and set new ideas plans for the future. Know your mind is a powerful tool. Use it and repeat.... and the changes will happen inside with your feelings and new beliefs. Change yourself inside....
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Release pain and suffer now
Why holding on to all those feelings? Don’t keep them caring with you...time to release now.
Thank you Irene for this wonderful and powerful session. I intensely experienced the healing energies that propelled me to a peaceful, compassionate, more enlightened future. As above, so below. Gassho and Namaste 🙏🏻
This meditation was helpful in journeying back and letting something go with kindness.
Healed and enlightened!
My future looks mighty golden! 😁🤩🤑 For the first time in sooo long I truly believe that there are amazing things coming for me and it is because I am working daily on believing in myself and fueling my true potential.
Painful Experience Healed
I honestly didn’t believe that this meditation would work, but I thought I would give it a go anyway. I went back to a fiancé who hurt me very badly not realizing that I had hurt him, too. It was difficult for experience him again, but I trusted her to guide me. I walked away from the meditation having let him go and wishing him well. Outstanding meditation!
Mary Jane
Past & future
Holding her hand & letting her go back with me I could be out of body, seeing the situation. I was able to tell myself it was going to be okay. Then letting her hold my hand and go with me to my future dream was like letting someone else know, trust. It was real.
Marques Pizarro
Forgiveness and Direction
I learned to see my past from a new perspective. I am thank for my mistakes because it has made me who I am right now. I envisioned a beautiful dream of myself 2-5 years later. Who I can become, where I can live, and what I can do to help others.
Ideal Future
I felt more focused starting the morning! Thank you for this wonderful journey!
Marques Pizarro
I learned that it’s important to forgive our past selves as well as to have a clear vision for our future; who we want to be; what are my actions and habits. Thank you 🙏🏼
Sheta Lo
Let go and move forward
I didn’t know I was still holding on to some bad feelings and being haunted by them. I also didn’t know that I longed for such a future as that. I didn’t know that needed to visualize it to see that it was possible to have. After visualizing it I feel so much elation and happiness and hopefulness that my dream and wish for the future could maybe come true.
Excellent to work through past regretful experiences, forgive the past, and then to be able to move forward and see the future I wish to have, the future that I still can achieve. Wonderful empowering work.
I cried
I wished so much I could do what the narrator was saying to change the things I wished I could that I cried my eyes out
Thank you…
I cried and feel amazing, ready to go throughout my day with gratitude and hope for my future!
This was exactly what the universe wanted for me today. Thank you.
I learned that we live life on a continuum always moving forwards. We have choices. To focus on the future in a positive manner but knowing that we can encounter situations that test our soul, mind and body. We can look backwards along that timeline into the library of our memories knowing that recollection can be incomplete or missing in substance. The narrative we create of our lives is based on highly selected and often erroneous facts. We can dwell on the painful memories that sap our happiness and strength. One must remember the good; place bounds on the painful and sad and look towards to the future with positivity and hope. The past cannot be altered. We can learn it’s lessons but cannot obsess over it. I’ve survived two cancers and have been blessed with the opportunity to alter my frame of mind. Hopefully, with the help of these sessions that goal can be achieved. The hardest obstacle was to take the first step.
Time Line
I learned revisiting the past felt wonderful and forgiving myself, even better. In visiting the future I became inspired to put my dream of many years on my time line and will begin journaling about it and collecting materials.
Visiting my past
Pain of the heart is difficult to shake but I also know one day in the future I will be free
Came back from Texas today
I felt horrible n betrayed n worthless when trent told me he slept with Kim two days ago while I was gone. Absolutely terrible….. Then I did a few meditations to let those harmful feelings go. N I noticed that it really is going to be ok. Trent loves me and I love me. I really do love me. N that is a good thing. A righteous thing. I went into hypnosis and… I went into my past n healed a memory n forgave myself and trent for what happened. I changed that memory or more so the effects that memory had on me. I healed it n changed it n transmuted it into power and grace and forgiveness. I comforted myself in the past through astral projection. Then I went to the future and saw my dreams. A beautiful painting of what I desire in my future. I immediately saw trent proposing to marry me, n then our wedding. It was gorgeous n glorious n wonderful and full of light n laughter n happiness n joy n full of so much love. So much love. It was so perfect n I couldn’t help but be happy. I gave permission for this dream to come true. I made this dream a future memory yet to be had. I let myself have it. I gave it permission n encouragement to grow n grow into full beautiful fruition in the future. Then I came back and I was whole again. My heart less heavy. Still delicate but less heavy. Now full of hope n love. I can’t believe how helpful n powerful that could be. I’ve never tried to change anything about myself through my astral self. The clarity was unbelievable. How perfectly clear it all was. My guide was glorious! Thank you spirit thank u!
Connecting my past, present & future
I am just starting my meditation journey, and this one just hit me differently. I felt so connected, moving through all of this felt life changing.
Healing hearts
I can go back to my timeline anytime to heal the hurts and forgive myself and others.
Excellent !
This was a great meditation! I needed this so badly. I felt this one deeply and usually it’s hard for me to envision and stay focus but I was able to be in the present moment with this! This is now one of my favorites!
This was what I needed to release an old regret. I the idea of the timeline and creating my future aspirations.
This was amazing
I felt the energy flowing through my entire body! This is the most relaxed I’ve felt while meditating all week. Great meditation!
Peacefully powerful
I was deeply moved and energized by this wonderful meditation 🙏 visualizing the timeline backwards and forwards, revisiting my trauma, and integrating the acknowledgment of my pain and my forgiveness this way was very effective for me. I’ll be returning to this one again and again. Thank you so much 😊 ❤️
Maia A
I released a lot of pain, sadness and resentment from my timeline, to do with my Dad and how he could never be there for me when I needed him
Deeply moved
So powerful, that was a beautiful experience. Was able to see pain and resentment I’ve been holding onto that I can now start to release. Thank you
I felt great. Powerful.
Future will be great and I forgive my past self for not giving myself proper support. But healing is possible. No question on that.
Pain relief timeline
I realised that I went back to a happy time to change it as though it didn’t happen but that I felt conflicted as if it hadn’t I wouldn’t be who I am Now.