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Release Pain!

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Irene Zwaan
Hypnotherapist & Energy Healer
It's time to release pain in your body, intestines and muscles. Just feel the relaxation in your body with this meditation. Free your thoughts from pain and relax whole the body and feel calm and nice.
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Release Pain
Time to heal and releaseeeeeeee Let go of all the pain.........
For the First Time🌹
Since being diagnosed with celiac disease my intestines have been in constant and chronic pain, with no let up yet. I listened to Irene’s meditation and followed her instructions. I could feel the warm blanket around my intestines and, for the first time, I could feel relaxation and a release of some pain for a while. It was an amazing relief! Irene, I will probably be listening to this several times a day just to receive those few moments of intestinal peace. I can’t thank you enough for this meditation; it’s as though you made it just for me. 🙏🏻Namaste 🙏🏻
Little bit
A slight better than before, I can slowly drift into sleep now. Love, laughter, meditation and music helps me relax
My body puddled into the bed, releasing my pain, even a tear escaped in my relaxed state. Irene’s soothing voice followed me down to my centre where I was free to float in my warm, safe place to awaken once more into this reality with a fractal of peace to carry me forward into the day.
Walter J
I got drawn into Irene’s web of wonders almost immediately! The sounds, the breathing and that accent!! She had me ballooning & floating & twitching as she pulled out a knot under my shoulder blade & made it disappear like a skilled magician! Thanks for being you Irene! ❤️ 🎩👍🏼
Feeling pain in your body?
Release pain in a easy calm way And relax your body, mind snd muscles. Feel for a moment only peace in the body.
Release Pain
What a wonderful practice... Wrap up your heart and pain anf then just let it go!
Releasing pain
This was a calming and soothing meditation that I enjoyed. I think a long version would be really nice.
I got lost in time and space!
That was a great experience! So absorbing, so I barely managed to open my eyes at the end. Thank you!
Releasing pain
This meditation was helpful and I feel better. When you’re balled up in the fetal position from chronic pain you need soothing help not some intellectual claptrap. I can always count on Irene for help.
After listening to the three minute meditation I went back and listened to the seven minute meditation. This was actually helpful and is a tool I will come back to you. I feel like it it was compassionate healing for my body. 😊🌸
Cyndee 🌊
I feel so calm and at ease, now I am ready to sleep. Thanks 🙏 Irene
Pain melting away
Pain often intrudes upon my sleep and because of it I wake up very tense. Pain causes tension in the muscles without realizing it consciously. So Irene’s suggestion to feel pain meltaway was very helpful. Im starting to make it a habit to begin each day with a meditation so I start off relaxed.
Abdominal massage
No pain this morning but I like to listen to this as a way to tune in to my body first thing. It occurred to me this morning that the abdomen has a lot going on inside; all the organs of digestion etc. As I focused my attention on my abdomen I massaged it and the muscles softened. I hadn’t realized the muscles had been tense.
Nourishing the body
This morning I used the seven minute version to start my day. This may seem like a crazy way to start your day, but our bodies do a lot for us and taking a moment or two to check in is helpful. Years and years ago I was worked in the Coast Range of Oregon for the US forest service. every morning before we could go to the field we had to start the vehicle and do a complete check of the oil, the tires, the signals etc. We did this because we often worked alone in remote areas and we couldn’t afford to have our vehicle break down. Our bodies are our vehicles for this incarnation.
Pain Relief...Hallelujah 🙏
The last couple of days sciatica pain has been acting up. My left side of my body I could feel the tightness especially in my upper back and neck. Along with the pain radiating all the way down my left leg. I did this meditation laying down on my couch. You first start this meditation taking a few deep breaths from your belly which doing this I could start to feel the radiating pain on my left side ease up a bit. Then she tells you to visualize wrapping yourself with warm blankets. I felt like I was in a warm cozy cocoon. At this point I could feel the tension easing a bit in my neck. After the meditation finished I continued to focus on being wrapped in a warm soft blanket which has left me feeling relaxed. Thank you Irene for this wonderful relaxing meditation! I appreciate the bit of pain relief it has given to me. I will be revisiting this one.
I started my session in an overwhelming amount of full body pain this morning. I used the Release Pain ! Meditation and continued well past the 9 minutes of guided meditation. I just let myself feel the flow. And envisioned a white light of pure healing energy coming into and moving through my entire body. My body became numb and I experienced several episodes of a tingling sensation. As I was coming out of my meditation I incorporated about 10 minutes of full body stretches. I was much more relaxed and my body welcomed the stretching. My overall body pain when I started was at a 7 on the scale of 1 to 10. My pain now an hour later is about a 2. What I experienced this morning was AMAZING.
Irene does it again!
I have been having some minor chest pain from acid reflux/heartburn and this meditation helped me almost immediately. I thought it might not work since my pain isn't really muscle pain, but I noticed a big difference in both the pain and the anxiety that I sometimes get with it. Irene's voice, style, and background music are so relaxing - I love all of her meditations. Thank you so much Irene, you've helped me a great deal. Namaste to all. 💙💚💙
I love listening to Irene Zwaan. My first meditation with her I found hard to understand but as I listen to more I find that my mind and body relax and respond just to the sound of her voice. Living in a city I find outside sounds distract me sometimes and I won’t here all the words but somehow I’ll still breathe in and out reflexively when she says. She’s very comforting
Calm and Content
Before listening to this meditation, I felt a little bit of pain in my buttocks. During the meditation, I felt relaxed, and my body sank into the ground. Now, I feel calm and content.
Very calming
Irene, your voice is one of my favorites. I got into such a nice deep meditative state in just a 9 minute session, and it’s because your voice is so calming. Thank you.