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Release Heavy Thoughts And Neck Tension

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Chel Rogerson
Intuitive Wellbeing Coach, eRYT-500
A seated meditation with soothing breath and neck stretches to relax your mind and relieve tension, leaving you feeling lighter, calmer, and released. It’s time to let go of heavy thoughts and feel more relaxed.
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3 reflections
Releasing tension I wasn’t aware of
I often hold tension in my shoulders, neck and upper back. Today is Sunday and I have had a very relaxing day. When I followed this practice, I released tension I didn’t even think I had! I can’t wait to do this track again the next time I’m stiff!
jess 🧡
wow i really loved this meditation. focusing on the tension that was built up around my shoulders felt really uncomfortable. but just being able to let it go and let go of my thoughts all at once was so rewarding
Release neck tension
I lost my dark thoughts and neck tension. Breathing deeply as always to release tension.
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