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Release Emotional Weight

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If you've been feeling heavy or gaining weight lately for no apparent reason...perhaps an emotional 'weight' is involved. This gentle meditation will guide you through a simple exercise to release any emotional 'weight' you may have unknowingly been carrying.
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Peace of Mind
i feel relaxed and at ease. 😌 my body doesn't feel tense. made me think i should starting living in the now and thinking in the right now .
Depression meditation
I’ve been carrying the weight of other people around me, it’s as if their insecurities and baggage have latched on to me. I also carry a lot of my own sadness. Mostly due to the issues I’m having with my singing voice and my fat gain in my stomach and love handles. I had a vision of something/someone? Reminding me that this body is just a vessel for this life, that life goes on after this and that I won’t always feel the way I am feeling now. It passes and won’t follow when this vessel has run its course.
Heavy weight
I’ve been carrying around a feeling of guilt. This meditation helped me release that feeling.