Heart Connection ❤️
It is said the repetition or chanting of a mantra encourages the mind to enter a more focussed state where we may concentrate on the self. At its core, the mantras vibrations focus our thoughts, feelings and our highest intentions. With practice and repetition the vibrations sink deeper into our consciousness. It's not necessarily the chosen mantra that does the work - but the energy, intention, and vibration created as you repeat the phrase, which can put you on the path towards a greater self-awareness, reduced levels of stress, sense of calm and increased self-belief. I breathe I belong I release I forgive I love I accept I feel Reciting these mantras while focusing on my breath, I feel a strong connection to my heart’s center. Placing both hands over my heart, while listening to the beautiful music and continuing to recite the mantras, this feeling continues to grow. I am returning back to my natural state of being. A being of love. May my loving light shine brightly outward to reach all of those that need it. Thank you David for creating this beautiful session. It has become one of my favorites to start my day with.🙏❤️