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Release Baggage (Emotional)

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We unknowingly carry emotional baggage, sometimes for years, and it can show up on our bodies as excess weight, tightness, or pain. This gentle meditation will guide you effortlessly through a simple visualization to help you release this emotional baggage for good.
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Emotional baggage
To let go of self hate and mistrust of my body because of Lupus. To accept my body and condition and feel at peace with both
Emotional Baggage
I discovered what happened in my past that I’ve been subconsciously carrying with me which has influenced my relationship with my spouse for a very long time. I learned how to release it and let it go….
There is a scared little girl who was afraid who felt not good enough felt she was a disappointment She needs to be loved unconditionally
I need to love that little girl unconditionally and her life is good her children are wonderful and she has done well.