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Relaxing at the Sea Today

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Irene Zwaan
Hypnotherapist & Energy Healer
Relaxing at the sea today. Just calm your mind and body. Get into a nice calming flow. Enjoy the flow energy of your own body.
From the community
11 reflections
I don’t know, but this one’s kind of spooky. It has some kind of an eerie sense to it, maybe because it’s the Halloween season? But it felt like I was under her spell, and although I’m kind of weirded out, somehow it made me relax. It said relaxing at sea, but I heard or imagined creaking sounds whatsoever lol. But it’s nice. A breath of fresh air.
Cyndee 🌊
Taking happiness back 🐬
I love this meditation Irene, I’m going to listen to it again tomorrow. It gave me some ideas on how to stay present. I need something to remind me sometimes, actually a lot! I’ve had lots of drama in my life lately and it’s consuming my thoughts far too much. I think it’s all about feeling happy, maybe I need Post-it’s with short little phrases like “I want my happiness back” or “I’m taking my happiness back”! Thanks so much for creating this meditation, Namaste🐬
Walter J
Irene’s voice captivates and transforms me every time! Just laying on the beach enjoying the sun, surf & seagulls... breathing in the salty sea air which cleans my lungs and exhaling the negatives that naturally build up in the body makes my body clearer, brighter & lighter. I feel my body start to float as I breathe in and hold it. I exhale & feel myself back on the sand. This causes me to breathe in deeper in order to float higher... a couple more breathes and I am riding my beach towel on the air waves like a magic carpet or a kite. As I get higher I cannot hear her anymore as I enjoy the view of the water & waves below me. Ahhh ... “this is very nice” I think, and my conscious thought breaks the spell and I am back down on the beach. I smile and realize how powerful that moment in time is between breathes. The all powerful Now! Thanks Irene for the reminder, another great session!! ❤️☮️🍀
Beach Vacation 🏖
It is time to take a trip with Irene to the beach. During this meditation, I visualized one of our beach trips to Gulf Shores. I am sitting in my lounge chair at the edge of the beach, feeling the warm sun on my face, the wind blowing through my hair, and feeling the waves wash over me. This was a wonderful relaxing mini break from the day. Thanks Irene! I will be returning for another trip sometime.🌞🏖🌊😎
I felt stressed before I started then I felt my entire body relax as I listened
I learned to let go of negativit energy and relax!! Very helpful
It felt great to calm down by this beautiful music!
And the voice of Irene was nice and clear, thank you for a good start of the day
I learned I can separate myself from emotion. And I learned I need to trust in god and influence people with him
Stressful situations
I am learning not to let a stressful situations swallow me whole. I am learn to seek help through meditation.
I apologize. Irene’s voice is too loud and harsh for me. I need a softer, more calming voice. This is by no means a reflection on her. Rather, it is my preference for what is soft , quiet and calming, Namaste
Immediately, I started feeling a lot better!❤️ It felt as if a light was surrounding my whole body as I became calm.
Use this moment to calm yourself, breath deeply in, breath deeply out. Be aware of your body right now
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