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Relax And Let Go

20 Min
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Guided By Kim
Hypnotherapist, Yoga/Meditation Teacher
This is a relaxing yoga Nidra practice that encourages healing energy to flow with awareness of the breath. A wonderful practice to help you relax before bedtime if you are healing from an injury, or simply to calm and soothe the nervous system.
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Unexpected noise
It was going well, but at about 10:30 or so, the recording had a loud metallic sound that was jarring. So I didn’t finish after that.
Incorrect description
Incorrect description, recording is about using less alcohol
Thank you so much for this meditation. I had just been outside in beautiful weather, but I worked too hard for my body which is recovering this week from a nasty virus last week. I had a headache. Now I feel totally relaxed rested and my headache is gone. I am saving this meditation to my lists and will remember to do it whenever possible. You saved me from a long afternoon of pain.