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Lauren Ziegler
Sleep Coach and Yoga Therapist
There's so much to do. So much stimulation everywhere we look! We need to restore. We need to rejuvenate. This is a calming practice to take you within, to non-doing. More from your guide and friend, Lauren at www.laurenziegler.com
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A father and son ( and Dorothy)
We had just finished a ninety minute set. I was drenched, wiping my brow a blue terry cloth towel. Amélie had performed selections from her wedding set and we had debuted a new sing along song. One of the residents had two visitors that Friday afternoon, his wife (who often shows up) and his son, whom we had never seen before. As we moved our way around the room the first couple of times the father seemed to barely notice. He just kept working with the board of small devices in front of him. I tried to make eye contact but he was beyond my reach. I could see the heart-broken disappointment in his son’s face as he watched. Then, on our third time around, while we were playing the new song, everything changed. The father’s piercing blue eyes sparkled with recognition and a smile came over his face as he sang with us. The son saw the transformation and reached out to his father as tears of joy rolled down his cheek. In that moment the energy in the room sparked with electricity. Everyone felt it. We didn’t want it to end and just kept on playing until we were completely exhausted. After we finished packing up a nurse asked us if we would stop by a resident’s room on our way out and sing happy birthday. Dorothy had just turned ninety eight. Although her body was frail, Dorothy’s mind was sharp as a tack. Amélie pulled out her fiddle and we sang Happy Birthday. We spent the better part of an hour with Dorothy as she told us all about her years working as a principal and how much she loved helping children learn. Then the nurse returned and it was time for us to go...
Effects Stay With You
After this practice, I could have sat for quite a while with the glow, but I had to get the day started.
I am. I love this practice. It seems to pull me from this world into another and there I reside until I am ready to, or for some reason must, leave. I feel completely re-centered once I have returned. I need to do this practice more frequently and go to this peaceful, rejuvenating space more often. Thank you for this practice, it offers me great health benefits. Namaste 🙏🏻
I’m left with wondering still more an more about the Kali invocation An kundalini I feel that not a lot of people talk about this energy still leaving this mediation with wondering 🤔🌎🔮
Felt good this morning. Using yogic breathing and words to guide your breath and mind.
I learned to feel totally relaxed with this meditation. very natural sounds of so hum.
I learned that it is easy to hold unnoticed stress in my body all day, which in turn can affect how stressed I’m feeling mentally.
Great breathing technique 🌬💕
This session worked great for me as my first after work meditation. I feel so chill right now, all the extra oxygen relaxed my muscles. Thanks Lauren for the visual guidance, it helped me stay focused while concentrating on the breathing technique!🙏💐
I could actually feel the places where I directed my breath! A cool lightening of the area I was breathing into! How bizarre! This was the first time since I started using Aura a year ago that I experienced this sensation!
This practice felt like a wonderful massage for my CNS. Im sick also so having that soothing feeling in my head and airways was comforting. Hoping to carry this throughout the day.
april 7 19
my body goes to fast and i need to slow down but breath control and taking a moment to just be is wonderful
Kristen 🧘🏻‍♀️
Powerful Morning ☀️
I wasn’t sure I’d be able to focus for this long, but I did and I’m so glad that I did. Definitely adding this one to my favorites!
Lauren guides you to focus on your inhale starting at the base of your crown all the way down your spine. Then on your exhale you focus on your breath moving from your tail bone back up to your crown.After doing this a few times, I could feel my body and mind start to wake up. On the next set, we add the mantra “that I am” by silently saying on the inhale “so” and on the exhale “hum”. I continued to feel my energy levels rising along with a buzzing sensation throughout my whole body. I am feeling energized. This was just what I needed this morning to get motivated.
That I am
It felt great to just relax and be...after a crazy few days it’s great to get centered
Wonderful meditation 🧘 I am calm, focused and rejuvenated. I was really able to be mindful during this practice. Thank you 💜
Reminder to restore!
Great meditation to focus me on restoring and rejuvenating myself. I usually do the mediation on weekends, especially Sunday, which is my refresh, restore and reenergize day.
That I Am...
I love meditations like this one. Great visualization and an added mantra. I felt great afterward. Peacefully energized and ready for the day.
Adjusting To New Level
For nearly a decade I spend most of my time alone and I find meditation helps me stay sane.
michelle Close
Loved this so much . On floor in my counseling office, just what I needed
I can rejuvenate in short time . This is valuable for me to share and to do . I can teach this to students
I enjoyed the use of words/sounds with the inhales/exhales. It made them stronger for me and I became more open to hear them and stay with them. Lovely on a rainy morning.
Excellent session! Love the coach’s voice and cadence. Especially like the effortless method of breathing and the imaging she uses.