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Heather Prete
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Rejoice today 🌞
I can look to the past for things that I can rejoice over. I will look throughout the day for things to rejoice over today. Thanks 🙏 Aura
Miracles happen in every second of every minute of every hour of the day. It is in the ability to ‘sense’ the beauty in these miracles where we can cultivate joy. In this meditation, Heather has us think of a beautiful quality we have and then think back when we first experienced this beautiful quality. Giving our mind a job to do, we find that we can rejoice in virtually anything we experience. Getting settled, I closed my eyes and focused my attention on my breath. Breathing out my mouth with a sigh was music to my nervous system. Becoming relaxed, I thought of a beautiful quality I have. This beautiful quality is my the ability to read. Going back in time, I recalled the first time I learned how to read. Remembering how it felt to have my mind expanded for the first time, learning about shapes, colors and understanding words. Rejoicing in all the experiences that reading has given me, joy bubbled in my heart. Towards the end, I rejoiced in gratitude for my practice and for the wisdom in my heart. I set the intention to keep an open mind and heart so I may ‘sense’ out the beauty happening all around and within me and celebrate in their glory. Our mind needs a job to do or else it will run around rampant and we’ll feel depleted as a result. Why not give it the job to sense out the beauty in miracles that are happening all around and within us? If we do this, we will always find something to rejoice in. Rejoicing, we’ll be happy for no apparent reason and we’ll be better people for it. After all, life is to be celebrated! May you be able to cultivate joy from this day forward! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️