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Reiki Sound Bath

25 Min
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Healing Vibrations
Sound Healing Artist
We've designed this sound bath with specific Reiki energies in mind. Each energy is held for 5 minutes before moving on to the next: 1) Cho Ku Rei “Placing all the power of the Universe here, now” For opening us to receive the other energies to come. 2) Sei He Ki "The earth and sky meet" For receiving the first stage of this healing. 3) Shika Sei Ki "Love that travels from heart to heart" For focusing the healing of this session on the heart. 4) Dai Ko Myo "Great Shining Light" For ushering in the final stages of the healing process & opening the listener to enlightenment, energetic cleansing & spiritual growth. 5) Raku "Fire Serpent" For clearing the final energies & grounding the body in the transformations that took place.