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Reiki Healing For Relaxation And Sleep

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Reiki with Anna ASMR
Reiki Master & Mindfulness Coach
Welcome back to my Reiki room for this guided Reiki Session. We will be slowly moving through a healing meditation for rest and relaxation. Hope you enjoy it!
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2 reflections
I felt that I need to learn how to be still more. I noticed that I tossed and turn a lot. I'm going to try a different meditation right now. I can't seem to quit moving around. I feel very fidgety. I
Sleep cycle. I'm new to this and I don't really know what I'm doing. I think I just wrote the wrong things in the wrong spots on this meditation I'm writing in.
I felt my body unable to relax it felt shaky I have to do this more oyen I gave to get back to my mindfulness
This is necessary in my life I know this and I make excuses with busy ness
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