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Reiki Healing: Body and Soul

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Pamela Bloom
Energy Healer & Wisdom Facilitator
Reiki energy healing is often described as the transmission of life force energy. Because there are no boundaries to this energy, it can be transmitted through touch, voice, and the heart's intent. Find yourself in a comfortable position and soak in the healing rays. Music: (c) Spiritual Sun Vortex by Thaddeus.
From the community
3 reflections
Things were going well ….
….then during the 10 minutes of “silence,” I heard all sorts of noises. I had headphones on, and everyone in the house was gone. I heard a glass being put on a table, water being poured into it, a lot of sniffing, footsteps, whispering, I swear I heard a cat growling, and we don’t have a cat anymore. It all brought me right back out of what it was supposed to be doing. Very disappointed.
Walter J
Recalibrated …
Pamela does an excellent job of getting us into a receptive state for this wonderful energy. Relaxed & expecting to be filled with newer, more positive energy I start by breathing in deeply from my crown chakra and get the feeling of the goodness of fresh activated energy roll over my head & face, into my nostrils & down into my lungs. Another breathe in & I feel it immediately pumped to my heart where it fills it full with this buzzing goodness and then sends it out through my chest and abdomen and down to the rest of my body… hips, groin, legs and all the way out thru my toes. My whole body is buzzing now as I am filled with this electric wave coursing thru and over my body. My mind tries to wander to my to do list and I encourage it back to focus on my breathing. Enjoying each moment of being in this state I bask in this glorious feeling for a lifetime of Nows, until my grumbling stomach breaks my trance. Pamela’s voice re-engages my brain & I come back into myself safely in my bed again. What a great way to wake up! I needed this new live energy after a most negative day yesterday. I am ready for this new collection of Now’s (that we call a day) with the most positive expectations. Again ready to earn my title of The Luckiest Man Alive or TLMA for short. May you truly enjoy this new 24 hour gift we have been given! Namaste ❤️🙏🏼🍀
Juliana Oppenheimer
I felt a connection though out my body. I was sleepy but yet present and attuned to all the idiocies that are happening in my body.