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Reframing “What Ifs”

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Hannah Castillo
Mental Health Counselor, Life Coach
“What if” thoughts can be challenging to say the least. But playing the “what if” game rarely works. With practice, you can learn to recognize and reframe this thinking style.
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11 reflections
What if’s..
This game Gets us to try to predict the outcome Hard to undo this game Exhausting Style of thinking A start is to notice when the what if is there. Replace with “what is” E.g what if I mess up…. What is true is that I will continue to work to be prepared
What if to what is
I can reframe this way of thinking to the here and now. What is true…
Stop what if Use what is
I relate extremely well to what if as I have been using it since I was kid. Changing it to what is seems to be. Perfect solution to reroute my thinking
What If
Redirect my thinking and say What is true..list all the things that will prepare you for a task you’re worried about. List the things that I’ve already accomplished to prepare me and include some things that can maximize a positive outcome
What ifs to what is
Reframing trying to predict outcomes to realizing that all we have is the right here and right now is going to be important to remember for me. It’s hard to catch this thinking in the moment but with practice it’s possible
I’m not as ok as I thought I was. I know I think differently than most. I see black and white. I do have a hard time with the what if’s. I’m an over thinker I don’t trust. I need a counselor but can’t find one that understands or is it just me?
What if…
What is my new approach to what if questions you ask? This is.
What if TO WHAT IS
A powerful shift of thought and WORD. It is a syncing with reality a training a practicing first to catch myself - second to simply say what is with confidence and perhaps boldness. What is - I can do this. I can trust myself to naturally apply “What is thinking” I don’t need to add drama or qualifiers or play “I forgot” - Just take it on like a game no should’s. Ok judy “what is”
What is
It’s not about arguing with myself over how well prepared I am. It’s about reclaiming my mental energy from hypothetical fantasy futures (positive or negative ones) and bringing it back to the present.
What is
Instead of what if…what is true is I tried my best. Change ing style of thinking reduces anxiety.
What if I don’t get done today I can accomplish tomorrow.
What is done tomorrow is true that I did not accomplish yesterday. Eventually I did get it done. What is true is I did not beat myself up for it.
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