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Re-Frame Any Situation With 4 Questions

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Life Coaching
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Tina Stinson
Life & Health Coach
One of the most transformational things I learned to do was to change my perspective on the situations in my life. Use these 4 questions to help re-frame any situation and take yourself out of victim mode and into feeling confident and calm. Learn more about Tina and grab some free resources by heading over here>>
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Good lesson. I really need to add journaling to the many things I'm learning and doing on Aura. And in daily life!
Shift in Perspective
Everyone handles stress in a different way. A shift in perspective can bring about the biggest healing. Journaling is a great way to shift your mindset from ugh, why is this happening to me to why is this happening for me. Being able to get out of victim mode empowers us to be able to respond rather than react to the stressful situation. In this excellent life coaching session, Tina gives us 4 questions to contemplate while journaling to help us move out of victim mode.
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