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Red Flags Never Turn Green!

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Teena Jones
Life Coach and Healer!!
Learning to trust your gut, takes practice! Once you honor your Spirit, you will discover a beautiful partnership with the Universe that will never lead you astray! Cheers~
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Red flags never turn green
I learned I need to trust my intuition. I know what is right for me but I’ve learned to listen to what other people say or what I think they expect. I will be more intentional about practicing foresight instead of always hindsight!
Intuition matters
I always talk to my kids about following their gut instincts. This solidified that I need to and they need to remember that red flags never turn green. That the gut feeling that says something isn’t right is definitely worth listening to. I’m going forward today with the intention to pay close attention to those feelings. Thank you for this session as a reminder not to ignore my intuition. I loved your energy and feel happy after listening to your session.
Red flags never turn green
As a child I was told I was rude if I judged so I learnt to accept abuse
Red Flags Never Tuen Green
Good advice on the gut feeling, toxic people will always be toxic
Red Flags
My instincts and red flags are strong inside me. I've chosen to ignore them at times due to me following my will. My wants. And they sure never turned green! Great lesson. Tuned in, turned on, tapped in. It's really sinking in these past few days. Thank you!