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Reconnect With Who I Really Am

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Jaisa Sulit
Mindful Self-Compassion Coach & OT
We are more than just the fleeting emotions, sensations, and thoughts we experience as humans. More so, the higher, true authentic self is that which is observing the experience of these fleeting emotions, sensations, and thoughts. This mediation helps us to reconnect with the loving awareness naturally exists within us.
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I realized that I am not my feelings or my body; I am the awareness of such.
Who I really am
Is not this body, not these feelings, not these thoughts. I am the awareness of all of them, I am who experiences all of them. The more I am aware, the more I experience consciously, thoroughly, the more my true self develops, the more I flourish, the more I am.
Just a visitor here, in the land...
I appreciated being aware that, while at this point in time I am a combination of body, mind and soul, there will come a time when my body wears out, and then what will I be left with? No panic or fear, just acknowledging the mystery. Namaste
I Am the Awareness
I am comfortable being the observer of my body. Today I saw my emotions, a little anxiety, a little unease about the coming day, as an observer. Finally we looked at our thoughts, remembering that we are not our thoughts, emotions, or body. If we are not our thoughts or emotions, what’s left? Awareness, I suppose. My challenge today is to observe myself as the awareness of thoughts and emotions. I wonder how that impacts my day?
Emotions are temporary
It’s nice to be reminded that I am the observer of my emotions and that they are temporary. A good way to start the day.
I am not my emotions
I am the awareness of my emotions. Acknowledging and being aware is the most important thing.
Some of this was good
I was not a fan of this at all. Some of it didn’t make sense to me that I am just observing my thoughts and feelings and all this. Yes being aware of your emotions because you are not your emotions I can get behind for sure. But my ideas and (some of) my thoughts make me who I am as a person. I am not just this breathing vessel experiencing these things.... maybe I didn’t understand the point of it but not for me.
A real scary meditation!
“You are not your body - you are the awareness, the observer of the sensations of this body”. Well, I AM actually my body, I AM my embodied mind, my body is part of my identity. My soul cannot unfold and grow without being embodied. The intention to seperate the observer from the sensations and emotions is quite clear and maybe good-minded but dangerous and unhealthy for traumatized people with tendencies to dissociation. And what about psychopaths with their lack of empathy? It gets me creeping horrors. To feel healthy self-love and healthy boundaries, I need a strong loving connection with my body - to feel reality! It’s okay for self reflection and for calmness to have distance but this can be ambivalent. From Buddha to Monster is getting very closed. Please, check again, dear Aurateam!
Listening to the perspective of not being but experiencing this human body is an awakening beautiful thought... must explore!!
I am the awareness who is observing the human experience, and the emotions that accompany it.
I couldn’t concentrate . I think I will do better next time .
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