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Reconnect with Self

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Cass Carlopio
Sleep Expert, Psychologist & Meditation
This guided meditation invites the listener to reconnect with their body and their innate essence.
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Jade Evelyn
Today, I was stressed
It helped me reconnect my feelings, and understand that I am ok, my feelings are normal and I am ok
Spent the whole time trying not to be annoyed by the way she was talking 😬 But, silver lining, it reminded me that we all have different preferences, and that’s okay 👍
C. Clayton
Almost too Soothing
The woman's voice was so soft and silky that I relaxed too much, almost falling asleep while seated. Although I'm purposing to stay connected with myself.
Short and sweet. So good to connect with myself, one breath at a time. The rest of the world can fade away. For a moment there is just me.
Reconnect with yourself
It was a great reminder to bring attention to yourself, your body, skin, and breath. Feel a bit better after a rough night and uneasy set of dreams. This is real and i need to be aware of that.
Go getter
I get things done!!!! Keep crossing things off my bucket list!!! Yay!😃
Connection to My Breath
Helpful way to connect to natural rhythm of my breath to relax.
I feel positive in the morning but aware of a a sense of procrastination that puts stress on myself. I learned that i need to focus and move past it. I should get the things done that i need to get done.
Having a poor morning. Hoped Aura might help me her past a severe allergy attack I'm suffering right now...instead? I get a body scan inviting me to concentrate on my breath, my eyes, all the things which are running or itching or hurting right now! GAH!
Reconnecting with Myself
As I prepare to begin a busy weekend, I am thankful to have paused for a few moments to simply reconnect and be aware of self. This meditation will prompt me to pause through the busyness of the day and simply breathe for a moment.
This didn’t help much. I can’t stop my mind from wandering. The anxiety has been so bad for so long and today was awful because of it that I honestly feel like I’ll be like this forever because nothing works for me.
I feel...me
I feel everything around me. When I started meditating I thought I would be able to stop myself from feeling things. Like a switch I thought I could turn it off/on. But it’s just the opposite. I feel the air around me, the way the material feels on my skin. The way the cushion feels underneath me. I feel myself within myself. But now I’ve learned to control how those feelings come out. I’m not angry anymore. I’m not sad or depressed. I feel love. I feel the high energy emanating from within. I feel my inner being connecting with Source. This is who I’m meant to be. This feels good.
I definitively feel different. It’s just that my sadness can’t be cured easily
I learned that you can’t always care about other people. Sometimes we just need to take care of ourselves first before you start worrying about others. And as well mean people. They are everywhere in this world, trying to kill you. Just never give up! Never!
Connecting my mind with my body can be challenging some days. This meditation helped me to focus on the sensations I feel in my body. For the three minutes I was fully present.
Day Eleven
I learned from this meditation that I can carry on doing this throughout the day. I can carry my morning meditation with me all day. I’m definitely going to need it today. It’s been a hard time w family lately. I don’t like my aunt. I always feel like she’s going to make up some way to get me out of the picture. She’s very jealous of me; god knows why. She’s coming over today. Hoping she’s in a good mood. Today will be a good day. I am very stressed about starting next semester. Very very stressed. I couldn’t sleep last night and I’m so tired, but awake! This morning. My puppy was so cute she came and laid under my blanket this morning. It’s freezing here! In the 30’s at night. She has a little sweater, but she got it off the last 2 nights. Bad memories flash into my mind more than good memories. I need to let go of old memories that are harmful to my wellbeing. I’m excited to get up out of bed today.
Syrian Rockets falling over my head
I had this experience once, I was in the Golan Heights for a birthday trip. Early in the morning there were sirens indicating danger in the vicinity. Then I heard the explosions. They were far away enough not to feel the room shake. We went into a safe room until it passed and it was safe to come out again. I thought the incident had passed, and went for a walk in nature with my son. While we were outside again the sirens. This time I was exposed so I hid behind a rock. My son was scared. When the sirens stopped, I ran with him to an old Syrian bunker. But when we were exposed, there was an explosion in the air right over our heads. He fell and scraped bis knee, so I picked him up and ran as fast as I could to the safe room. After that, I packed our bags and went straight home. This experience haunts me. I can’t get over it. I am terrified thinking about the danger my son was in. This event eventually led to me leaving my country of Israel and moving back to my home country of USA. These war wounds stay with me and I feel like I am experiencing it over and over.
I feel really great, after 2 months of feeling dowa and insecure, today I started doing exercise for the first time in my whole life, and at the end of the routine I complement it with a session with Aura and I feel great! :)
Sensing things
I learned that I have better self awareness of what is around me. Even if someone is behind me I can sense their presence. But ultimately learning how to listen to my body
My space
I have a deeper connection with my body than I thought, the fact that there is the natural ability to feel oneself just through mindfulness is astounding
Bag o’ Bones
An interesting practice, to zero in on my skin, and then get under it, considering my skin as one unit, a gangly sac for all my bones and innards. Much appreciated. Namaste
Wind and Skin
Like a body scan can we awaken our senses through observing the wind against our skin. I shall take this mediation with me this summer as I venture in to nature and explore!
Early Days
Finally got around to trying mindfulness after being told to do so for a long time. Still trying to get around it as I never thought anything like this would work for me. I was very closed minded to it. However, this one really helped.
I realized I couldn't stay focused this session. My mind wandered all over.
We are so busy in our lives that sometimes we forget to reconnect with ourselves from time to time. In this meditation, Cassandra guides us back home to ourselves. I became aware of my surroundings and began to focus on my body, specifically my skin. I sensed a gentle breeze of warm air hitting my skin making me feel alive in this present moment. Turning my awareness to my breath, I was immediately reconnected with myself. In this present moment, I am calm, grounded and so grateful to be alive! Have a beautiful day! 🙏🏻❤️😊
Day one
I didn’t feel I connected very well with this meditation. I’m not sure why but I stayed distracted.
Staying true to self
This meditation calms the inner self and reminds us to be in the moment. It is easy to focus on the daily challenges. Taking a few moments throughout the day to stop and focus on self makes us remember our true purpose.
Take a few minutes
A refreshing reminder to take just even a few minutes a day to appreciate yourself
Easy to forget
As I go about my day it is easy to forget to connect. But it so easy, silly me, all I have to do is breath to reconnect. It does help. Especially when I wait in line. It keeps me centered and my thinking right. Three cheers for Buddha Consciousness in the world!
A good reminder to to reconnect with myself and to be mindful and present in my life instead of on autopilot.
Having a break
I learned that having a short break from work made me feel capable of singing, going out, living, wanting to enjoy life. I’m burned out. The last 20-30 years have been a blur that passed by.
This was great!
After all this time being mad and insecure, this definetly calmed me down. This is the first time I’ve tried this and it relaxed me. I feel great again.
Connecting to self
I really enjoyed this and it did help me connect with myself which is something I really needed. I always look for verification from outside of myself, I look to other people and this helped me center, ground and feel the verification from myself by connecting to myself
As I was listening to this mediation my mind is still somewhere else not feeling reconnected at all.
I feel calm
Worked perfectly....definitely feel connected and completely comfortable within myself
I felt a calming wave come over me my body and my breath after completing this meditation.
With the chaos and craziness going on in the world today, it’s nice to have a refreshing place to restart and recenter my thoughts. Namaste
Walter J
I kind of felt like I was doing one of those connect the dots drawings and she was calling out the next number to go to. Had a hard time really ‘feeling’ each area as I was busy moving onto the next area. May have to listen to this again to see if I can get more out of it. 👍🏼❓🍀
I felt I was nin control, for the past days I felt like I was floating and drifting. Now I felt grounded and present at this moment. Great meditation practice. 💝
Reconnect One’s Self
Sometimes life gets so busy we lose track of who we are as humans. We end up going down the wrong path and hitting bumps as we go down this path. All we have to is reconnect ourselves to the right path and continue down it until we feel a sense of relief and happiness.
I feel relaxed
I’ve not been myself lately, the stress of a new job and leaving all my work colleagues who I’ve worked with for nearly 8 years is really taking its toll on me and I noticed this morning I needed a specific calming, reconnecting meditation and this was perfect! Thank you
I feel relaxed
I learned that just a few minutes can make me feel much better
Morning awareness morning ing energy and mood
Meditating in the parking lot on the school grounds near the community garden. I get to bring my meditative spirit to a specific place and time yet it feels connected to trees that connect to earth and wind/ air that I breathe
Ease is inviting
I don’t have to resist I don’t resist I can drop in to my easeful self invite myself in to my self - ha ha - a shift a tiny shift and an easy full shift like closing or opening my eyes
jess 🧡
feeling the body
after an intense workout just listening to my body’s needs and feeling my body is so calming and really helps me to settle down :)