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Reclaim Life:the Path to Living Awakened

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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
We call this, 'awakening' - moments of lucidity and clarity where, as Mackenzie describes, she is able to "see everything as it is" and instantly is aware that the opposite - the absence of clarity - is akin to "being in a coma." This gateway into the truth of what you are living is completely yours to decide upon. You may not approve of everything that you see with eyes wide open. It is not necessary that you do. The point of "awakening" is not to regret the past but to give yourself the opportunity and privilege of reclaiming your life; of living honest and truthful here and now. If you would like my help, please reach out to me. You can best find me here: Namaste and much love!
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11 reflections
I feel like this give me insight into the relationship between self awareness and self discipline.
First morning practice
Normally I practice at night right before bed to help me sleep, but I decided to do a practice in the morning to help collect my thoughts and get me ready for my day and I absolutely loved it. I slept really good last night and so I feel like that also helped me be really relaxed and feeling good this morning. I use an app called SleepWatch and it really helps me monitor my sleep and get into a good healthy pattern. I also use this app and one called Headspace for meditation and they are both amazing.
Aware and Unwilling to Change
Each bout of mindfulness I induce upon myself further unravels the fatuous superficiality covering my insecurity and vulnerability. However, the state of simply being aware is not the state of immediately changing— this is the most deprecatory shortcoming of mindfulness. I feel I must mold mindfulness into a beacon of hope... The more mindful I am, the more malleable I will be. I just want peace! ☮️🐻💫
Keng Wan
I felt great 👍🏻
I will continue to practice daily for deeper self awakening 😊
This track articulated how I’ve been feeling lately. Moments of crystal clear vision of the things that are real, present, and laid out before me on my path. As I have put aside the need to control and KNOW everything, I am more available to myself to see what is. Sometimes what is becomes clearer, and is revealed as how it really is - not what I thought or wanted it to be. As people move through my life, some because I have chosen to leave them behind, some because they have chosen to go their separate way, I am no longer saddened. I know their path is theirs to take. I have my own path, and those people have been guideposts along the way. I have learned from every one of them something about myself, about life and the broken paths that we all follow, about my own wants and needs and the difference between the two. I can not control the people in my life, and I don’t want to. I want people to be in my life and bring themselves fully to our relationship because they want to be with me, on my path, part of my circle. Those moments of clarity are more and more consistent, the more I give myself what I need, and not only giving to others what they need.
I felt relaxed and encouraged.
I learned to be mindful and aware of my life and to be conscious and present.
Name out the Distractions
I learned that naming out the distractions and focusing on the breathing process set your focus.
Walter J
Dorothy nails this important session directly on the head!! I agree with her that many people are “living” life on autopilot based on past choices & beliefs that have crystallized into habits. Once habits are formed the subconscious takes them over & we no longer have to make a choice to do that action, we just do it without thinking ... on autopilot. If it is a beneficial habit, like being mindful or exercising every day, that is great news! But if it is detrimental like worrying or smoking, this is horrible news! We need to stop being like zombies & reclaim our lives. Check our habits & beliefs & if they are not benefiting us we need to work on changing them so they do! Now!! Great job Dorothy!! Go do it Tribe!! ❤️☮️🍀
The Road to Awakening
I now realise how much life I am missing whilst on autopilot. I need to be attentive all the time to avoid this, and particularly attentive to my own needs as well as others.
The road to awakening isn’t smooth
This is a very rough time for my soul. Most of the things are not tangible nor describable. I am ridding my life, my body, and my mind of toxins and it is painful. I am at this stage in my life where I am about to reinvent my future, for the countless time. I am trying to learn to accept it as what’s best for me, to not be upset, disappointed or scared. It is hard. No one tells you how painful an awakening can be. No one tells you how vulnerable you become while on the path to enlightenment. Breaking away from everything you have created for yourself, everything you dreamed because it’s what you thought you wanted, yet realizing it was a dream curated by someone else’s mind, and the sparkle of the dream made you want it for yourself. I am opening and coming undone, and it is messy and dark. I am spilling my contents of soul out for no one else but me and I forgot what I hurried dee in my own depths. I am a beautiful and magical creature, but it’s time for me to start being beautiful and magical for myself. I am working at becoming in tune with the universe again, the energy and magic of Life. I cannot believe how far I’ve strayed from my true authentic path trying to create a life that was never meant to be for me. I was always meant to create, to love and accept and to learn other people. I was never meant to be in a lab, mixing chemicals and writing lab reports. I have always been destined to walk through the trees, to swim in creeks, to lay in the flowers, to paint, to write, to love, to support, to guide, to encourage, and to just be alive and experience all the beautiful things in this life. This is the painful part; that I forgot who I truly am and changed into a person I never truly wanted to be, it was never me. Every day I am finding parts of my authentic self and I am welcoming those bits and pieces back. This journey is not smooth, but it is beautiful and worth it. This journey is cracking open the countless mortared walls I put up.
Releasing Enjoyment
I learned that, by suppressing urges in order to be accepted, one becomes less happy.
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