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Reclaim Your Life: the Path to Living Awakened

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Life Coaching
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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
My client Mackenzie described it as a flash of light - and the feeling of being wide awake; able to witness herself in the true aspect of who she is. This is called 'awakening' - moments of lucidity and clarity - where, as Mackenzie describes - she is able to see everything as it is and instantly is aware that the opposite - the absence of clarity - is akin to "being in a coma". Sometimes referred to as 'sleep walking through life'; at first glance it would appear that we are functioning in a reasonably effective way, but when we look deeper, we see that there is much that we are doing on automatic pilot; without contemplating, without being attentive to how we feel and without asking our self if the choices that we continue to make are indeed the right ones for who we are. When you are not fully present and awake, you actually forgo your free will choice and you are not able to live your awakened ideals. In this episode of Life Coaching WISDOM we take a closer look at how to live awake and how you can reclaim your life. Please join me. I love this story of Mackenzie and her 'awakening'. Namaste! xo