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Reclaim Your Life: the Path to Living Awakened

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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
My client Mackenzie described it as a flash of light - and the feeling of being wide awake; able to witness herself in the true aspect of who she is. This is called 'awakening' - moments of lucidity and clarity - where, as Mackenzie describes - she is able to see everything as it is and instantly is aware that the opposite - the absence of clarity - is akin to "being in a coma". Sometimes referred to as 'sleep walking through life'; at first glance it would appear that we are functioning in a reasonably effective way, but when we look deeper, we see that there is much that we are doing on automatic pilot; without contemplating, without being attentive to how we feel and without asking our self if the choices that we continue to make are indeed the right ones for who we are. When you are not fully present and awake, you actually forgo your free will choice and you are not able to live your awakened ideals. In this episode of Life Coaching WISDOM we take a closer look at how to live awake and how you can reclaim your life. Please join me. I love this story of Mackenzie and her 'awakening'. Namaste! xo
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11 reflections
This is so me!
I noticed that this story could have been me! Well it is me as I saw all the things I’ve done and am doing! Noticing it is the first step I guess, then it’s time to take action!
Awake or not??
I listened very carefully and wondered if there was such a feeling. Today is my first day and I guess I will find out
Self awakening
I choose todo what’s best for myself in the right moment. Awakening to the present authentic me. Leaving behind the random daily walk thru my life. I choose to be present now and do what is best for theme
I do that where I’m sensitive and attentive to others needs and lose sight of my own. I’m ready for my moment of clarity.
jess 🧡
the awakening
i love that term, the awakening. when we have those moments of utter clarity and we are truly present in our life. i really enjoyed learning that this is a conscious choice, and i will be sure to try and be more “awake” in the future!!
I think I’m starting to get it Awakening It’s truly about living in the present and doing what is best for all. Not just for others but myself too How can I better do this Challenge my thoughts. What evidence is there for this belief/truth? Am I just spinning? Making the actions suit the negative narrative in my head that I was taught as a child? I don’t have to prove that I am worthy of love. I am a beautiful and lovable person. I strive to make the world a better place My superpower is two fold. I have an amazing gift for reading the situation, peoples emotions and the subtext gojng on in any environment. Secondly I have an amazing and unique ability to tape into and share what people need to hear for where they are on their journey. For those ahead of me on their journey. I will strive to listen and learn. Emotions are felt in the body. It’s why it’s a gut feeling. So I will strive to listen to my gut. To do what I feel drawn to do as long as it does not cause harm to others. I will continue to help the world in my little corner become a better place. And maybe. Just maybe by people awakening and seeing more and more of the truth Not all the lies we are fed by others about not being enough, the important of having things, which is simply a belief system that was create to sell things. None of this is true or important. What is important is how we treat one another, compassion, respect, trust. We are all on a journey to find our truth. Our truth simply being who we are as a person. What skills we have and what areas we can continue to work on. That is what is important.
Slow down, find clarity, live awakened
I need to slow down and enjoy life. Take time to rejuvenate and give back to this body that serves me every day. I’m doing so, I will be better able to give back to my community and loved ones. The choice is mine; live life in a comma state, busy and going through the motions or to slow down and live life enjoying glimpses of clarity and being guided to true purpose.
Making space for contemplative reflection offers so much peace and groundedness in how my day unfolds.
I noticed myself going through this a few times. She is completely right you can see your past and the things you have done clearly and you can change your life for the way you want to live changing things you don't like that your going through a lot easier
Need to do this
Need more guidance Is there another meditation to go with this one? I need to tune in less to there’s and more to myself
Awakened to authenticity
In addition to realizing how I came to understand my own awakening, I found strength in knowing that it didn't just "happen to" me. We can all consciously choose to operate daily from a position of authenticity and present open-minded awareness.
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