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Recharge Nap

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Cass Carlopio
Sleep Expert, Psychologist & Meditation
We often get caught up in the stress of daily life and our ever-growing to-do lists. This guided meditation helps ease you into a restful nap - to unplug and reboot your mind and body - so you can return to your day refreshed.
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Fully Rested
I think this may be my favorite meditation so far, as someone with a sleep disorder especially. I’ve learned that I can rest my body and mind without the pressure of forcing myself to sleep. By eliminating the intrusive thoughts of what has happened and what’s to come, you can truly through the guided process relax muscles habitually tightened and thoughts that weigh on the minds ability to relax. Thank you for this permission to be at ease.
I needed a short rest without actually falling asleep. This meditation was very relaxing and guided me through the entire process of unwinding and coming back to my day feeling calm and rejuvenated. I found this better than actually falling asleep and waking up to find you I’ve lost most of the day and feel sluggish. Thanks Aura 🙏
Refreshed! 😮
I have been wanting to try this meditation for awhile. Today, I was so exhausted I couldn’t function but didn’t want to take a nap for fear that I might sleep too long, feel sluggish after the nap and get nothing else accomplished. I decided to try this meditation. I am amazingly refreshed and relaxed, ready to accomplish a few more tasks before days end! I definitely will be returning to this meditation on a regular basis. 💫♥️🙏♥️💫
Walter J
I did this very early in the morning & surprised myself by not falling back to sleep. Her voice was very calming, mesmerizing and soothing... Very light and floaty like feeling throughout my body. She did help me relax my jaw & tongue which was very tight for some reason. Very nice way to recharge! I feel very invigorated. Namaste... ❤️☮️🍀
Sou Teen
I Love This Voice! It makes me Feel content Happy ...! Peace and softness, calm and settled. Secure and patient. Thank you.
Relaxed me but allowed me to be alert and awake and recharged by the end. Great for a little break
Perfect for a mid day pick me up. She has a very calming, soothing voice.
Cassandra has a wonderful voice, so calm and gentle. And she speaks so slowly making her meditations very pleasant and calming.
Just what I needed
Sure made he feel a bit perkier after Not having a good night sleep Very soothing voice
Did this one mid-day. My mind wandered a ton but I didn’t judge myself just was aware of thoughts and tried to watch them float by like clouds. Feel rested.
Traveling and so need “my Aura” and yoga nidra
Traveling is exciting filled with schedule and is a seeming “to do list” of next next next. And while I’m now resting in my hotel 12 1/2 times zones away from my home I ever need mindfulness; a quick body scan is such a gift
Andy Rea
Recharge Nap
I appreciate the session to allow me to relax. I feel safe, happy, healthy, live with ease. Thank you 😊 💓
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