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Hannah Castillo
Mental Health Counselor
Sometimes you just hit a slump. Whether you are having difficulty getting started in the morning, experiencing a dip of energy in the afternoon, or just feeling emotionally drained. Whatever the reason, sometimes you just need to take a few minutes for yourself to recharge. This short meditation uses the breath to help you recharge and prepare for the rest of your day.
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I’ve noticed that I feel a lot of the time I feel sad
I’ve noticed that a lot of things are making me feel sad so I listen to relaxing music to help me relax and get through the pain of me feeling sad like yesterday I bought some Gatorade soda and popcorn hygiene stuff activity books neon crayons a journal and some sour patch kids and I could not even find my sour patch kids Hannah had eaten them when I found out that they were gone so I noticed that when I pray or meditate things on my mind will automatically disappear like negative things and sometimes sad things I have learned from the meditation that it’ll work once you do it and like that old saying goes GIVE IT TO GOD HE’LL FIX IT
I needed this! Work has been busy and working more hours. Plus I picked up an extra yoga class this week to sub for a friend. Also finishing a 200 YTT which is always hard. Not sleeping enough. This helped