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Rebuilding After a Breakup

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When you breakup with someone, it can feel like you've got a hole in your heart or that you're lost a part of yourself. Learn how to rebuild after a breakup and start to feel whole again.
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5 reflections
Gust learned I’ll be getting divorced
This was really helpful, I haven’t even had my news for two hours so I’m a mess this gave me somewhere to glance inside.
Create your own future
I didn‘t even had my news for an hour.. I already shaved off my hairs, crying and screaming out loud „why is this happening?“... but these words were really wise.. and it really helped me😅now I will focus on my future.. trying my best..
Ideas for a new life
What was a time when you feel at your best? Happy healthy full of love? Write the things you were doing then and circle reconnectable ones. Late night vulnerable and hilarious memory talk with 2 close girls. Being at work in section early on and knowing the coworkers accept me for me. Making friends from a technical creative class - having more than 6-10 friends at the same time and loving them all. Playing with dogs. The first day/night in an Airbnb in a new faraway place, by myself. Staying more than a week in Nyc. Things you always wanted to do? More watercolor nature painting. Exhibit in a group show. Travel to Japan or another country alone. Sightseeing in a busy, tall, interesting city again. Live in that city and always explore. Start all those movies. Watch all those shows. Go to concerts/shows alone. If you were living your best life how would you be spending your days? Feeling most like yourself and really alive? A job. Making important decisions there. Exciting trip at least twice a month. Clean and healthy home. Working with natural light. Free to noodle with a fun hobby every day after work.
Healing power
I learned that loving yourself first is more important and i should know my worth. Maybe i did not do my best before but i knew i did love purely and beautifully.
Fortunately I didn't have major ties with this person. It was a very slow "breakup" also. I do remember feeling what you described years ago. How can I go on? What shall I do? Of course, blowing up his phone. Allowing myself to be treated badly. Really badly. It feels great right now because I have so much more peace and happiness without him around. Every time I would go visit, I saw the signs. Like a storm cloud getting ready to ruin a sunny day. All I wanted to do was go to my place. I feel compassion for those in the beginning stages of being discarded. Whether they did it or he did.
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