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Rebuild Your Confidence After a Breakup

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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
If you feel unhappy, unworthy, undesirable, or confused; if you are uncertain about the future as you are grieving the end of a relationship, this episode is for you. REAL CLIENT STORIES: Love after loss, the 7 year itch, an Australian adventure and re-writing the narrative of those nagging core beliefs. Courtney was restless, He wasn’t going to change his mind. Jacob was widowed and had two young children. Adele was excited, but cautious. This is a story about choosing happiness and defying the stereotypes, about love, loss, uncertainty and travelling across the world to find self-love. I invite you to follow the path back to feeling greater confidence and self-esteem together with me. - dorothy xo
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4 reflections
To love my self
I need to learn to know how it feels to love myself. Is it suppose to be as strong as I love my cat or as expected how I love my mom and dad? What is the intensity of the love emotion I should feel?
38 years
That is what I gave of my life to my ex and my family. I lost me completely...I’m still trying to put myself back together. The grief and loss was overwhelming. Tragic. And yes self worth was non existent. Blame and failure became my mantra. Self doubt still reigns...Thankyou Dorothy for helping my healing process xx
Self Love
Reminded me that i need to also love myself and be kind with myself. Love yourself unconditionally so we can also love those that love us, unconditionally.
Time to heal
I am just like Adele. I was holding out for a chance to get back together with my ex. I have finally come to realize that I can’t hold on to that anymore and that I need to stop internalizing what wrong and doubting myself. I am now examining myself openly and honestly. And focusing 100% on loving and accepting myself. I am worthy of deep, real love, but it needs to start from the inside. Accepting and loving my authentic self, forgiving myself and learning from my past will thrust me into a better, more fulfilling life. And when that next person does come along, I will be wholly ready for them; I will be able to openly and honestly share my true self. 💚
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