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Raising Your Vibration

16 Min
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Tom Evans
Storyteller, composer, guide
This guided meditation is for advanced explorers of consciousness. It explores the numerology and energy of the number 9 and how humanity is evolving to a new state of awakening. When you raise your vibration, you will find that anger, sadness, fear, and guilt dissipate and you rise above the external events and internal feelings that can sometimes hold you back. This meditation will take you to a new way to be.
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Dial 911 or... What?
This is the second time in two days I have come across this nine business, so I’m paying attention. But out of context, the 996 vs 999 doesn’t make much sense. Not sure about the advice or turning a 6 upside down to 9.
So interesting that our emotions and behaviours are linked to numbers... upgrading our behaviour shifts our energy to a higher vibration...hmmm💞
Number 9
The magic of number 9. I never knew. How many things are number 9.