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Rainbow Bee-Eater and Friends: an Attention Restoration Meditation

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Kristy Arbon
Somatic Self-Compassion Creatrix
Enjoy an Attention Restoration Meditation at least every 90 minutes at work. Give your mind a self-compassion break so that you can resume work with renewed focus. Put aside the time needed to be fully with this meditation and use earphones so that you can block out noise in your environment. After enjoying the meditation, give yourself a few moments to sit and simply “be.” Nature sounds courtesy of Image by JJ Harrison ( - Own work, CC BY 3.0,
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One thing at a time
I want to be a human being not a human doing. For me this means seeing the value in doing nothing. Sitting still. Breathing. So when I was questioned about my progress on my dissertation today, I had to remember it is okay to take pauses or breaks. Right now I am in the fight of my life as a mother. This takes everything I have. The dissertation will come. I'm thankful for the support I have to finish. I will finish. I am not a quitter. For now, I need to rest, recharge, and tell my truth.
Reasa Falgoust
Anger and wisdom are opposites for me. I feel angry a lot of the time which makes me not use the wisdom I have in appropriate manners. Listening to nature I imagine the birds fighting. I know this may sound weird, but that calms me down just enough for my wisdom to kick in. 3 minutes really does make a difference.
Birds are the Best
Three minutes of birds really DOES make a difference!! Thank you for such a sweet-sound-filled moment.
Stop listening to the news. Start listening to the birds.
Stop listening to the news and start listening to the birds.
I learned that you should talk a moment to relax. And just breath
The birds can sound stresses as humans! But then, just like us, they calm down again & enjoy the day
Back to Basic
I noticed while listening to this that my thoughts took me back in time to a much lovelier place and surrounding environment. I appreciate that I was able to use a memory of my own for this meditation! As I get older I don’t recall memories easily so I’m extra Blessed today with the influence of the meditation as well as an unexpected walk down memory lane! Nothing beats the joy felt from a far simpler time and place....Thank you......Young Widow 😉
Disjointed Distraction
I felt distracted listening to this, as though I wanted to give myself over to this nature but found myself constantly too aware of how I was going to have to reenter real life once this ended. I wish it had been longer. It was better the more I focused on my own breathing, and thought of a more natural place.
Birds 🐦
Pay attention to the sounds of nature. Remove all distractions.
Never Alone
Life is within me; all around me. If I pay attention, I notice that I am never alone.
Ah, nature
I’m always amazed at how much non-judgemental space nature holds for us.
Just me and the birds 🦉🌳🕊
It’s nice to just listen to the sounds of nature unguided. Just me and the birds for 7 minuets! Letting go of the day and easing in to the evening. A real mood changer for sure!
Walter J
I think I must be super tired because all I heard was the chirping from my phone and the cars in the background outside my window... no thoughts, images, nothing... except some birds chirping now outside my window.
Shooting Nature
I was surprised at the simplicity of this meditation, and am excited to use nature sounds for restorative and calming uses in the future!
I felt relaxed and that my attention was actually restored to peace and focus.
I learned that it can help with loudness and even at times anxiety.
Bird songs
So many different bird songs to listen. It is amazing the variety of sounds birds make!
Bird feeders
I’m glad we attract many kinds of birds to our backyard. They are relaxing to listen to. I also love to watch them feed. If you do feed the birds, make sure you feed them year round.
Rainbow Bee-Eater
It is always so calming to imagine I am in a quiet natural environment. I love the sounds of birds. Thank you for providing me with this lovely break in my day 🙏🏻.
First time
I felt at a loss for what my safe space would be. I finally rested upon it being with my dog curled up next to me sleeping, while we lay in my room in my parents’ house. I noticed that I had a hard time letting myself slip into the warmth of light out of fear and feelings of guilt. I feel as if I don’t deserve a warm place and there is no warm place for me. Everyone deserves a warm place, Genevieve. You deserve a warm place. I deserve a warm place. I deserve healthy sensations of safety. I learned that I love my dog deeply.
I did not sleep well last night - nature sounds made me feel better
The subtle sensations of naturalistic sound allows one to possess a true sense of the here and now
Appreciation of nature
It’s wonderful to take a good moment to appreciate nature whereas you do it all the time or only sometimes.
My new favorite
I so love the sound of birds. It always makes me smile.. and for just a bit, I enjoy being in the moment.
Stillness of Source
In my meditation, I felt the stillness of Source. I felt vibrations from other sources but they felt fabricated and empty. I’m grateful for this meditation, for revealing the difference between fabricated energies and those from Source, and allowing me to experience it.
Birds singing sweet songs
I guess I love the sounds of birds singing to the point of playing this meditation a least 5 time on continuous. It’s a great way to slow my mind down and stay in a relaxed mode.😴
Nature break
I loved taking this little break from office routine and listening to the sound of birds. I just close my eyes, listen to the birds and mind my breaths. Helps me calm down from pressure of deadlines.
Rainbow bee eater & friends
I learned that often we can be distracted by what might happen in the future and miss the enjoyment of the present. Of course, I already knew that worrying about what may happen is not a good thing, but this was such a perfect illustration! I kept waiting and wondering what the next instruction would be until it finally occurred to me that I wasn’t just attending to the gentle sounds that were there for me! It took quite a while. Maybe next time I’ll just enjoy. Thank you, Heartworks!!
Nature sounds
I learned that nature sounds alone can be very peaceful and relaxing, and it is good to take a break from your day to listen to them.
Soothing Sounds of Nature
Lately I have been drawn to these soothing Nature sounds meditations. I’ve been enjoying the place peacefulness and stillness they bring my mind and body to. While the guided meditations are amazing, sometimes my spirits yearn to be on their own with Nature as the guide and since it can be a bit challenging to find the same natural solace, this is an ideal resource. Thank You for this gift!!! ✨💚💖
Makes sense
The water simple and yet very makes a lot of sense.
Just listening to nature really makes you appreciate all the little things in life and how you find yourself in deep thoughts.
I noticed that as soon as I heard the nature noises it felt like I was in them. feltcalm&closedeyes
Just not thinking and being in the moment and enjoying surroundings is very calming
Nice and relaxed
I listen to this as I was getting ready for work and enjoyed it so much. Then the Aura app went right into another meditation called “ pleasure walk”. Although I wasn’t doing anything other than walking to my car and driving the three minutes to work I still enjoyed listening to it. So I know what I’m doing tomorrow on my day off! 🌞🌻
Staying Calm & Settled 🦋
I love listening to the sounds of nature while I’m getting ready to start my day. I turn the volume up and place my iPhone in the middle of my room, it helps to keep my mind calm and settled.
After emptying out more of our stored possessions in airtight Rubbermaid containers today, my mind was scattered. I was emptying sewage water from Ms. Hurricane Florence. Being ill, my immunity is about zilch at this time and it was almost more than I could bear, I am so tired and worn out. However, after reading Cyndee’s experience, I just played it and I seem to be pulling myself in the proper direction again. Nature sounds, if you pay attention, can do wonders for the soul!!!!
Lovely 🦋
Another relaxing session with nature sounds! I can never go wrong with this one ☝️
1st time
I learned about centering my mind, breath and thoughts. I felt relaxed. I need to work on my breathing.
I am enough just the way as I am, I am worthy of love and belonging!!
It was nice to hear nature
It was so nice to hear nature and the sounds of the birds. I laid there calmly for the meditation, and I noticed right after how rejuvenated I felt😊 it was great!
Do not recommend
Was looking for a meditation....just go to the music section of this app and click on mountain lake instead of this. don’t waste your daily meditation on this one.
Listening to nature is so soothing. I mist remember to do it more. I have heard that 15 minutes of listening to nature sounds will totally give you the best feeling of well-being and get rid of anxiety, etc.
This meditation relaxed me soooo much❤❤❤ I love it. Thank you Aura, I'm recomending thid app to as many friends as I can. you're great
Day Ten
I learned that I can take time out of my busy day in order to do a 3 minute meditation. I found this to be really soothing. I love the sounds of nature and I adjusted the music on this soundtrack to have more ocean and white noise. I found that to be a very soothing combination. I had given up on my last meditation exercise. I was just not feeling it. Then I told myself, “Just Do It”. And it definitely helped me to relax. I’ve had a stressful time lately. Lots of life changes happening and I am not sure how they will pan out. I am taking 16 credit hours next semester. Going 5 days at week. I am taking 2 communication classes; which I am not sure how they will go. I am taking a SOC course, the class chm 116 that I failed:( and I am a very stressed Kady. Any kind words from anyone reading this would be greatly appreciated. I’m just not feelin it today. I woke up so tired this morning. My grandma woke me up by doing dishes. And I haven’t washed my hair or brushed it in a few days. So that could be contributing to my mood. Needless to say, I’m going to make some tea tonight. Some Decaf Earl Grey Stash brand tea. I am very excited to try it. I’m having chicken for dinner so that’s kool. I learned how to make hash browns today. And that when you add oil to French toast, it makes it crunchy and not soggy. But I prefer soggy. Ive been talking to Dylan. He seems pretty kool. We’re planning a trip for this summer to visit all 50 states. I am not sure if I can get the money together for that trip, but it’s okay. I am expecting 2019 to be a wayyy better year than 2018. 2019 please be good to me! Thank you.
1st day
I've got this. I listened and breathed. hard to avoid distractions, but I can work on it.
Nature's song
I noticed that when I'm stressed or anxious I tend to listen more to the songs of birds to try and create a bubble where I'll feel safe. This was great. Thank you
The Sounds made me calm down and relax. It was like feeling free and letting go of the thoughts and the Stressful day I had.
Perfect for now
The sounds brought me out of myself and calmed me down something I have been trying to do for the past several hours.
Rainbow Bee Eater and Friends
What a beautiful meditation. It was so relaxing to listen to the relaxing bird songs.
Good start...
I need to have less noise distraction so my mind can relax better. I know I will feel better if I did this.
First Experience
I really enjoyed this meditation, the sounds allowed me to transport to a place where I felt warm and happy
Nature Sounds
If you love the sounds of nature, you will love this meditation. I found this meditation can be very beneficial to your mind and body as it allows your mind to calm and your body to feel alive.
No worries
I can take time to create a healthier self through meditation. Within a few minutes of listening to sounds of nature, I become more at ease, less tense and at peace.
This exercise helped me focus on giving attention to different sounds and objects on my environment.
An old Favorite
Although we don’t have birdsong filling the air just yet in my little corner of the world, this old favorite fills me with a sense of peace and a promise of hope and warmth.
I felt more concentrated, more calm and relaxed after only this one session
Relaxation is key
I felt very relaxed, and this channel really helped me to fall into a deep sleep.
nature sounds - afternoon of 30-7-2019
this practice was a little advanced for me because there was no guidance and no voice to remind me to re-centre myself but I can say that it went surprisingly well and it was really enjoyable.
This was a brilliant meditation using the sounds to enhance visualisations which nature sounds does
Nature sounds are best for my meditations and visitation practice
So much happiness and just being game from listening to birds, the sounds. I need to make this part of my routine
Sounds of nature
I found myself wishing a I’d picked a story! I must have had the sound up too loud and there were so many sounds, it was anything but relaxing! I did a meditation yesterday or one day this week that was just waves and that was very relaxing. This one felt like a bunch of people clamoring to be heard. Weird, right? Most people found this very relaxing. Hmmmm. I have it as a favorite, so it must be my little brain that’s causing the problem today! Lol
jess 🧡
just listening to the sounds of nature really helped me to calm down after a stressful morning
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