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Rainbow Bee-Eater and Friends: an Attention Restoration Meditation

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Kristy Arbon
Somatic Self-Compassion Creatrix
Enjoy an Attention Restoration Meditation at least every 90 minutes at work. Give your mind a self-compassion break so that you can resume work with renewed focus. Put aside the time needed to be fully with this meditation and use earphones so that you can block out noise in your environment. After enjoying the meditation, give yourself a few moments to sit and simply “be.” Nature sounds courtesy of Image by JJ Harrison ( - Own work, CC BY 3.0,
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11 reflections
One thing at a time
I want to be a human being not a human doing. For me this means seeing the value in doing nothing. Sitting still. Breathing. So when I was questioned about my progress on my dissertation today, I had to remember it is okay to take pauses or breaks. Right now I am in the fight of my life as a mother. This takes everything I have. The dissertation will come. I'm thankful for the support I have to finish. I will finish. I am not a quitter. For now, I need to rest, recharge, and tell my truth.
Reasa Falgoust
Anger and wisdom are opposites for me. I feel angry a lot of the time which makes me not use the wisdom I have in appropriate manners. Listening to nature I imagine the birds fighting. I know this may sound weird, but that calms me down just enough for my wisdom to kick in. 3 minutes really does make a difference.
Birds are the Best
Three minutes of birds really DOES make a difference!! Thank you for such a sweet-sound-filled moment.
Stop listening to the news. Start listening to the birds.
Stop listening to the news and start listening to the birds.
I learned that you should talk a moment to relax. And just breath
The birds can sound stresses as humans! But then, just like us, they calm down again & enjoy the day
Back to Basic
I noticed while listening to this that my thoughts took me back in time to a much lovelier place and surrounding environment. I appreciate that I was able to use a memory of my own for this meditation! As I get older I don’t recall memories easily so I’m extra Blessed today with the influence of the meditation as well as an unexpected walk down memory lane! Nothing beats the joy felt from a far simpler time and place....Thank you......Young Widow 😉
Disjointed Distraction
I felt distracted listening to this, as though I wanted to give myself over to this nature but found myself constantly too aware of how I was going to have to reenter real life once this ended. I wish it had been longer. It was better the more I focused on my own breathing, and thought of a more natural place.
Birds 🐦
Pay attention to the sounds of nature. Remove all distractions.
Never Alone
Life is within me; all around me. If I pay attention, I notice that I am never alone.
Ah, nature
I’m always amazed at how much non-judgemental space nature holds for us.
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