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Radical Self Honesty

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Dorothy Zennuriye Juno
Psychotherapist & Meditation Teacher
If you can begin one change about how you live your life - begin with your decision to be radically self honest. Catch yourself when you are telling an untruth - no matter how innocent or minor it may seem. Make a point to stop yourself - even if you are mid-sentence in conversation with another and correct what you are saying. When you are telling yourself something that you want so desperately to be true; pay attention to whether you are being wholly honest or if you are avoiding what 'is' true in face of what you wish for. "Radical self honesty frees you to live your truth" Join me in the full length episode (7min version) where I share the one question that reminds you how to define what 'is' true. Thank you for listening! Namaste! In kindness and gratitude, dorothy xo
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I learned about self honesty. I yearn to practice asking myself “is this true?” more consistently. I want to live my truth, not what I convince myself of for self preservation.
Inner Truth
When practicing radical self honesty, regardless of how uncomfortable it might be, we acknowledge our inner truth. We are then free to be who we truly are and to live our life as that truth. If we cannot be truthful with ourself how, then, can we be truthful with others? Without truth and honesty a relationship holds little of value; this is even true in the relationship we have with ourself alone.
Great session!
I'm standing at a crossroads today, and embracing this concept SHOULD make me feel much better about how I present myself and my actions in my life. Having a busy long weekend in our stormy weather! Had a GREAT meeting with my new client yesterday, so I'm back in business and putting myself back out there publicly. Have to finish some of my projects here at home and in my office to get ready to build two separate estimates for work for this client, for a couple of cool scopes of work! Including business development and logo design, direct mail marketing, Facebook marketing, a new-from-scratch web site AND development of a mobile app too! Exciting, busy, and a bit terrifying, since I'm so out-of-practice after my long stroke recovery! (plus, I've made plans now for our school’s LEGO robotics team to travel to LEGOLAND in Carlsbad, CA in March for a special tournament event!)*WHEW*
“Honor Yourself...
...honor your truth”. Powerful words! It brings to mind a quote from Hamlet that my mother recited to me throughout my youth: “This above all: to thine own self be true, And it must follow, as the night the day, Thou canst not then be false to any man.” As a 12 year old, I didn’t really understand what that jumble of words meant. I thought it was my mother’s way of telling me that I should always tell the truth. As an adult, I now understand the vital importance of honoring ourselves by honoring our truth/being true to ourselves. I shall spend some quiet time pondering this. Thanks to the wonderful reflections of Kathy and Matthew that inspired me to listen to this session.
Radical Self Honesty
Knowingly or unknowingly we employ many deceptions throughout our day. Radical self-honesty is both liberating and empowering!
Really taken back On myself I’m not sure but this felt like you were speaking right to me
I learned that self truth is relaxing for the first time in my life. I am disconnected from the individual whom always insinuated I held secrets and lies. It feels good
Radical Honesty helps me to feel more connected to myself
Being honest with myself more on a daily basis is ok. I dont have to go along with stuff I dont agree with at work, I dont have to be who others expect me to be. It's ok.
Racial self honesty
I learned that it’s okay to be completely honest with yourself and sometimes that means questioning your own actions.
Radical Honesty
I learned that radical honesty is the only way to live. It is freeing. It is baring your soul which can be harsh sometimes but it is so much better than living a narrative that I think I created a long time ago because I didn’t like who I was. Thank you Dorothy for reminding me that true vulnerability has cracked open the shell to my inner me. I will continue to honor who I am no matter how hard that is sometimes.
This practice reminds me of how important it is to be completely honest about my feelings. I can relate to learning this lesson the hard way. Years ago I was accepted intuit 10 week internship program. While the program was informative, it was also very intense. Consequently, I came home from that internship physically, mentally, and spiritually exhausted. All this was two weeks beforeI started graduate school in an unfamiliar city. However, I no longer had the energy to fall embrace this opportunity with Open mindedness. additionally, the internship made me rethink what I wanted with my graduate school experience. Overtime , I became very confu sed, anxious, and depressed. I have spent a long time trying to figure out why my mind reacted in this way. This coaching session has informed me that I was not being completely honest with myself at the time. I learned For instance, can cause a person not to believe objective facts. Rather, those  Who do not exhibit self honesty only believe what they tell themselves. Knowing this, I realize I spent a lot of timeAnd energy convincing myself that I was not tired, overwhelmed, or contemplating changing my graduate Program. Trying to fight these feelings , Rather than face them honestly cost me a lot of stress hello this intern provides a good example of the negative affects on relationship cards by a lack of self honesty. The anxiety caused by attempting to convince myself that everything was fine, let me to say many hurtful things to my friends and family. This life coaching session, helped me to learn how to self honesty or lack there of affects the relationships I have with those I love. Now that I am fully aware of the consequences of the lack of self honesty, I hereby make a pact from this day forward to be completely honest about my feelings. Thank you Dorothy for providing this suggestion. Thank you to all of those people who work for this App for putting this track together, and for teaching me the value of being honest with myself. I am also grateful to the community on this app. Thank you for takingThe time to read this post. I hope you are all OK, happy, and well.
Ble egentlig litt overrasket over et par ting som ble sagt, som jeg ikke har tenkt på, men som ga mening som vil bli nyttig.
Recognize being honest with myself
I want to recognize being honest with myself.I would like to know how to do this.
Self honesty
I really do not know what I want at this point Used to be very clear What I want is self love; self reliance; self respect and in turn my loved ones will respect me I need to establish boundaries and not be affected by others and their reactions I need to establish a routine that will allow me to achieve my goals health wise and emotionally without relying on anyone anymore I want to be happy I want stability I want to be in a loving, respectful, happy, fun loving relationship with my partner I want to live in peace and gratitude I want to be able to be empathetic and compassionate without feeling obligated or affected by that person or loved one I want control of my emotions and that my emotions do not control me I want to live a life that is meaningful and not lose sight of what matters I want to be a mentor I want control of my destiny and not lose myself in what I am supposed to do I want to be self assured and reliant I want to love and be loved without people taking advantage of me. I want to be not reliant on substances and the outside for happiness or to take myself out of reality because I have created a great life for myself and need to be a leader in not only professionally but personally I want a safe, quiet home and relationship with my husband and adult sons I want to be there for my mom and take her to the next level and provide love and comfort for her I want to travel I want to be more spiritual and evolve spiritually to prepare myself to be Sophia…. In control The matriarch
Rachel Toomey
This is a good reminder for me as a person in recovery
I can keep growing everyday and I like the short life coaching stuff for now
I am truthful in that I know my deep faults and my past alcoholism caused suffering to those around me.
Maybe I exaggerate my feelings of worthlessness. I am pushing everyone away.
I felt somewhat hopeful!
I can meditate without worrying that I am not doing it wrong💞
Jamie Leigh
I learned that I love listening to her voice. It’s very soothing and like a balm.
Radical self honesty
I learned a little about a subject new to me I want to know more
Self honestly
I learned very little on this lesson. Looking forward to the next lesson
This is a good reminder. Every day I am removing the facade around my true self. Sometimes I cannot recognize the lie at first. Sometimes it is covered by other lies that have kept me hidden. The comfort of those lies has felt so common that I don’t even know when I am employing them for protection. Observing my flaws, my mistakes, and my humanness without judgment and without shame will continue to be the way forward. I have to believe that the sediment of self-protection and ego is not so thick, and that an honest excavation is possible.
NIce to hear a favorite topic reinforced!
Not even in times of turmoil - actually, most especially so - can we afford to drift away from our truths or truth generally. It’s a brave thing. Asking for absolute honesty from myself ups my state of living since working with facts pays greatest dividends for our living most freely and expansively. In this way we get to experience personal growth, peace and fulfillment as natural byproducts of living honestly. I appreciated this coach’s reaffirmation. It’s helpful to be reminded that Honesty Is Indeed Freeing.
Radical Honesty
Sometimes being honest to oneself is painful, but best way to fix what’s wrong in our lives. Without, we remain stuck.
Honoring Truth
We often cover up parts of ourselves that we are ashamed of. Not expressing who we are in any given moment either to try to impress or influence others or otherwise lie to ourselves creates a conflict with what we think is true and what is actually true. Dorothy gives us a question to ask ourselves. Is it actually true? We can go a long way into liberating ourselves by asking this question. For example, say you want to do something out of your comfort zone. As you sit and contemplate this, you may begin to notice thoughts that are telling you of all the reasons you can’t do whatever it is you want to do. When you hear these words, counter them by asking, is this actually true? Majority of the time, if not all of the time, the answer will surprise you. You see, the subconscious mind operates on what it knows. It acquires this knowing by what it has experienced in the past. So essentially it is using an old operating system and applying it to new software. Because of this, it can’t possibly know if you can do this something or not. Dare to question, my friends. Dare to know and honor truth! Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
Cheyenne Chester
Very interesting
I always get stuck in my head and when I say things that aren’t honest to me I always cry. And when I say positive things instead of negative I feel better.
Loved that!
I can’t wait to get into this with her. It sounds so interesting and helpful. I believe I will learn a lot from her coaching. I’m excited about this!
Radical self honesty
I learned that being completely honest with oneself opens the door for deeper and more meaningful relationships with people
I have learned that the first place where healing starts is being honest with yourself! That is a hard thing for a lot of people to do but it’s necessary to be able to begin the first stages of healing! It’s great to stop and take a look at myself! I have goals and dreams I want to achieve but it takes planning and determination and dedication to make things happen! Nothing happens overnight! But I am willing to put in the work and I think we’re being honest with myself about what I need and want out of my life is where it starts! Thank you for a great meditation hope you have a great day!
She touched my soul
It’s something I’ve never really paid attention to. But after hearing this it’s got me really thinking. 😊
What I need
This! I noticed some untruths I believed but were not true. I want to continue to correct the untruths and live free.
Facing the Truth
May need some guidance with this one, but whole heartedly agree it will be a step in the right direction.
Self-monitoring of telling the truth
That there is no need to lie or enhance the truth about anything. How important it is to make children feel safe enough to tell the truth.
Delusions begin with the internal voice
We believe what we tell ourselves so we shouldn’t lie to ourselves. Choose truth and see things as they really are.
Truth is important
Even if you lie to yourself you will always have to eventually tell the truth. Elongating a problem never solves the problem. Be kind to yourself and be true to yourself. You are the most important person in your world.
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