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Quieting Your Busy Mind

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Andrea Wachter, LMFT
Psychotherapist and Author
If your mind is racing with thoughts and worries or trying to figure out a problem that has not yet become clear, this practice is for you. Join Andrea as she speaks directly to your busy mind, offering it soothing solutions and a calm way out of the painful pattern of overthinking. Feel free to absorb her words, or change them up to better fit what you need to hear right now.
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I can tell my mind to calm down nicely - and focus on just being present and focusing on the right here right now
Quieting the busy mind-
Play often during the day. It’s time to focus on my well being. I learned that it’s ok not to focus every minute of the day on to do list. I felt the tears build then roll down one cheek and then the other cheek. Now if I can keep: The stress of work from engulfing my life “will I loose my job for lack of productivity“ The stress of money that I no longer have since my husband died. The stress of my 22 year old son to work any job. Also if he would work with DVR to see what is causing his slow production. Then learn ways to help. Without him paying rent I can not afford my my house. The best thing I can do is let go of my list times throughout the day.
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