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Lilla Vig
Trauma-Informed Breathwork + Meditation
Start your morning by running through your perfect day, mapping out obstacles and challenges so you can bring out the best of today.
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Rest and Recharge
I’m in constant awe of the resiliency of the human body. Namaste
Ideal Day
An ideal day doesn’t mean it is perfect. It means we remain calm amidst any challenges that may arise. It means we go back our intentions when we see that we have gotten off track. As I sat in an upright position, I began to visualize an ideal day. Because my intention for this ideal day is let it go, allow it to flow, I saw myself in a state of calm all day. I saw myself filled with incredible peace and joy. To be filled with incredible peace and joy requires me to always be on watch. In this witness state, a beautiful space exists between the stimuli and the response. Truly ‘seeing’ what may stray me away from my intention, I get to choose what is best for me in any given moment. Therefore, Nothing on my watch will deter me from having this ideal day. Namaste 🙏🏻❤️☮️
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